Effective weight loss: the drug "Xenical" (instruction, action, side effects)

The Swiss drug "Xenical" (tablets orcapsules) - an effective tool for losing weight: weight loss after taking it is very significant. Active component in it is Orlistat. In addition to "Xenical", this substance is a part of the preparations "Orsoten", "Alay".

Orlistat is a specific inhibitor of lipases- enzymes responsible for the breakdown of fats. This means that during the reception of "Xenical" the body loses its ability to absorb fats from food. He, thus, begins to spend his own fat reserves, and the weight of the patient, respectively, decreases. In this case, the fat that comes with food, unlike other nutrients, is excreted from the body through the intestine in an uncleaned form along with the calves. The drug begins to work a day after the first dose was taken. After the cancellation of Xenical, digestion of fat begins gradually, after two to three days.

It is to these properties orlistat and owes itsthe drug "Xenical". The instruction says that its reception can be recommended for the complex treatment of obesity of various degrees, including those in patients with type II diabetes. As shown by the data of experimental studies, in many patients whose blood sugar level was higher than normal, after the course of "Xenical" this indicator significantly decreased, and, accordingly, the need for sugar-reducing drugs decreased.

The drug "Xenical" instruction recommendsTake 120 mg (1 capsule) three times a day, with meals. The amount of fat consumed by the patient should not exceed certain values ​​(30%) - otherwise there may be quite unpleasant side effects: oily stools, flatulence, intestinal pain, frequent urge to defecate and even incontinence. If, in any of the meals, food is practically free of fats, this time Xenical can not be taken. In no case should you increase the recommended dose of the drug at your own discretion! To accelerate weight loss by taking an additional capsule, you can not, and damage your health. The course of reception "Xenical" lasts 6-12 months. Approximate weight loss in this case is from 2 to 6 kilograms per month.

Clinical studies have shown thatOrlistat is practically not absorbed into the blood. Nevertheless, the use of drugs containing this substance, including the means for losing weight "Xenical" (the instruction insists on it!), Is not recommended during pregnancy. To date, it is not known whether orlistat enters breast milk. Therefore, nursing mothers should also not take Xenical. Instruction for the use of the drug also warns of the lack of experience in its use in the treatment of children and adolescents under 18 years of age. This age category reception "Xenical" is strictly not recommended.

Despite the guaranteed effect of admissionpreparation "Xenical", the instruction does not advise to apply it on its own initiative, without the presence of appropriate indications. It should be understood that this remedy was originally intended not for those who are lazy to lose weight with the help of fitness and refusal of sweets, but for those who really, due to diseases or individual features of the course of metabolic processes in the body, can not do this without help. It should be remembered that the value of BMI (body mass index, equal to its weight to height ratio) of a patient who can be recommended for Xenical reception should be at least 28-30 units. This indicator corresponds to the condition preceding the obesity, and, in fact, obesity of the first degree.

The recipe for the acquisition of "Xenical" is not required: the product goes on a free sale. Nevertheless, it is not worth taking it without consulting a doctor.