How to properly carry out tuning Kia Sportage 3?

The Korean auto industry shows steady growth oninternal and external markets. There are quite a number of reasons, starting with the technology, ending with an acceptable price, reliability. Today we will discuss tuning Kia Sportage 3 and related issues.

General information about the model

Kia Sportage 3 has been repeatedly exposedrestyling since the birth of the ancestor of the family. And all in order to maximize the "polish" appearance, "pull up" the technical characteristics, take into account the wishes of buyers on the market.

tuning kia sportage 3

The appearance of a compact crossover is one of the reasonspopularity of the model. The eye-catching exterior, the aggression in the radiator grille, the small area of ​​the glasses are underlined - everything screams about the keenness of the "Korean". The salon will be pleased with high-quality plastic finishing, saturated with a dashboard, a modern multimedia system. Before you carry out tuning Kia Sportage 3, you should voice the existing undeniable advantages of the car:

  • excellent design;
  • manufacturability and ergonomics;
  • economy;
  • Adaptation to weather conditions;
  • reliability of components and the machine as a whole;
  • acceptable pricing policy.

 chip tuning kia sportage 3

And now we are gradually moving to the goal of our narrative.

Technical upgrade

The car was initially successful, andunintelligible tuning Kia Sportage 3, can lead to deterioration of the available characteristics. However, if you approach with the mind, it will be possible to squeeze out the maximum of the SUV:

  • chip tuning Kia Sportage 3 is inincrease the motor performance by installing additional software. How to do it? You need: "free up" the computer, buy an adapter, establish communication with a laptop or PC, find a third-party firmware, initialize the installation process. In general, there is nothing complicated, but less fuel and power increase will not be superfluous;
  • the installation of rack or frame structure protects the motor from mechanical damage, will not allow the body to "twist";
  • lovers of off-road driving can not do without a primitive device that will protect against damage to the crankcase;
  • replacement of silent blocks is important after the engine upgrade. A customized set of parts will minimize noise in the cabin, the car will become more manageable on any road surface.

Change the appearance of the "Korean"

Despite the good looks of Kia Sportage 3 (tuning photo exterior is below), consists of:

  • additional protection for a regular bumper, which will save you from unnecessary expenses for repairs, increase the aesthetics and attractiveness of the model;
  • replacement of standard optics - in the market there are hundreds of options for every taste and color, starting with fog lights, ending with block headlights. Such interference will increase the safety of the driver and passengers;

kia sportage 3 photos tuning

  • Exhaust system improvements - crossoveris endowed with one pipe, but who prevents to make 2 or 4? The split exhaust looks very stylish and impressive. To avoid problems with the muffler (starts to hang), you need to install an additional damper suspension.
  • Change the rims will not only makeconcern with appearance, but also saving money for repairing suspension and bearings. In the market you can find quality forged, cast or stamped specimens.
  • change the color of the body - what could be easier? However, a simple solution is not always bad. The color spectrum of the manufacturer does not shine with variety, so that the owner has something to do.

Interior decoration in a new way

Tuning Kia Sportage 3 involves some correction and inside the machine. A lucky option is:

  • replacing the upholstery, although the standard looks acceptable. A new steering wheel or neckline will make the pastime more comfortable;
  • you can change the driver's seat (or passenger);
  • tinted windows, which will protect from debris in the event of an accident, improve visibility in sunny weather;
  • native receiver Kia Sportage 3 does not shine special features, but if desired, can easily turn into an advanced multimedia center;
  • replacement of the handle AKP, elements of the instrument panel will complement the updated interior;
  • tinted rear window does not give manymotorists the right percentage of visibility. In this case, you can use the rear-view camera, built-in parking assist will "tie" the compact with comfort. For the more affluent - parking radar.

native receiver kia sportage 3

Ultimately, the goal of tuning any car- to achieve an improvement in appearance without compromising the already existing level of security. It is important to feel the trait behind which the senseless waste of money and the risk of one's own life begins.