Hyundai Accent: reviews

Hyundai Accent wins speed lovers. For today the market of midget cars is overcrowded with various cars. These include the Hyundai Accent. Reviews about this car is not the market quite good. It would seem that this is not the most demanding and modern car in many buyers? Why does it have so many fans? Let's try to figure this out.

It's logical to start with the cost of the car. The inventors knew how to please the consumer in our market. For only 11 thousand dollars Russian motorists got a chance to buy a 1.5-liter with a capacity of 102 horsepower. Before that, many people could only dream about such power.

Despite the fact that the paper has a carsmall dimensions, in life he does not look crumbs. If to be fair, then in its class it is really the shortest, but obviously not the smallest. The debut of the car took place in 1999. At that time, to high machines in general, interest was extremely rare. From there, and such a stockiness Hyundai Accent. Reviews say that very many choose this particular design of the car. Not everyone likes a sedan, which in height can compete with the Van.

As for the trunk, then there is a small jamb -it opens only with a key. It is not very convenient when the hands are occupied with some other objects. But over the door handles the manufacturers worked very well. Now you do not have to bother with the various problems that are associated with this detail of the Hyundai Accent. Reviews here do not lie.

The interior of the car turned out to be quite highlevel. Very impressive is the convenience of seeing in the rear seats. Upholstery everywhere neat, back with a pillow located at the most convenient and right angle. But after all, there is not enough space behind. The feet of a 180-centimeter man will still slightly rest against the back of the seat, which can cause some inconvenience.

As for entertainment for passengers, the choicenot particularly rich. You can even say that it is not at all, except for the regular speakers. The car is not equipped with window lifters, unfortunately. It's a pity, but for those who are used to appreciate what they have, you can add that they rotate quite nicely. About Hyundai Accent reviews are pleasant, but if this does not apply to the driver's seat, since its settings are fairly stingy when compared to cars of the same class.

But there are also positive sides in the cabin of the mask. Firstly, the waist line is rather low, the hood borders are small, which allows you to quickly get used to the dimensions of the car. The visibility is provided by large mirrors. And again - there is no mechanical drive to them.

Safety inside the passenger compartment is provided by 4 airbags. Not much by European standards, but objectively better than domestic producers.

Its money the car more than fulfills onroad! For a 16-valve, it is quite brisk. To envy the speed of accent can even owners of cars, whose class is higher than that of Hyundai Accent. The characteristics do not always reflect the real picture on the road. This time it's exactly like that. The fact is that this car is not heavily pressured by modern bridles, which ecologists like to throw on. Even 10.5 to 100 kilometers, which are indicated in the car's passport, do not seem so cosmic. Excitement in it is absolutely not enough for one car. At the same time it keeps on the road as well. And this is regardless of the weather conditions. You can always feel how your car starts to slide. Even on an automatic box the machine shows enviable results, and this, please note, at not the highest price in its class.

That's such a popular favorite - Hyundai Accent. Reviews about him now lie very rarely!