The car "Renault-Coleos". Specifications

The first 4x4 crossover from the FrenchThe automaker became Reno-Coleos. The technical characteristics of this car were largely borrowed from the famous "Nissan" - speed, rapid acceleration, maneuverability and patency. But at the same time the car is not devoid of comfort, convenience in management and a high level of safety. Therefore, more often than not, lovers of traveling to the most exotic places, as well as families with children, are chosen by Renault-Coleos.

reno koos technical characteristics

Technical characteristics in urban conditions

For the first time in the mid-2000s, a French firmRenault has released an all-wheel drive SUV, which feels great on any road surface. The first model of the car produced an unreasonable furore among the Russian population. First of all, interest was caused by an advantageous combination of "price-quality". The maximum speed of the car is over 180 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h - in 10 seconds, and at the same time availability. The wheelbase of the car became a godsend for all drivers who are forced to move in the conditions of the "killed" Russian roads.

Particular attention should be paid to the raised levelstability of the car. It perfectly fits in the snow and in the conditions of ice, it does not enter, if you move on the ground. Undoubtedly, the model of safety, comfortableness and universality in our days is exactly "Reno-Koleos".

reno koios 2013 price

Technical characteristics required for travel

This crossover has increasedmaneuverability, despite its size. It fits perfectly into the steepest turns with minimal skidding, it's only a little slow down. With the same comfort you can go both on the ground and on the sand. The machine will maintain balance, gradually overcoming all obstacles. A feature is also an excellent ground clearance, which allows the driver to orient in the best way in any, even the most difficult situation on the track. If you value safety and convenience in management, choose "Renault-Koleos", the technical characteristics of which meet all these requirements.

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Interior design and design

It is also easy to operate a car because itprovides a high landing. The driver, finding himself in his place, completely sees the road - from the bottom to the top, so the risk of getting into an accident at times decreases. It is also worth noting that the interior of the car is very light: the wide and high windows plus the hatch create a cozy and bright atmosphere inside the cabin. Thus, you can enjoy more and good weather, while in the car "Reno-Koleos". The photos of the car are presented in the article, so before you buy, you can orient in advance in the features of its structure.

New from Renault

Last year, the French automaker issuedimproved model of this crossover. To a large extent, the exterior of the car has changed, namely the grille and headlights. Some metamorphoses have occurred in the cabin: a special display now notifies the driver about the "blind" zones, so that the control is even safer. That's why most people now choose "Renault-Coleos" -2013. The price of the car ranges from 40 to 50 thousand dollars in the salons of Moscow and other cities of Russia.