Ford Escape - reviews

Release of the modification of the Ford Escape Hybrid began in2004. Model Escape 2005 is equipped with two different types of engine: gasoline and electric. The car can work both at the expense of the first, and due to the second engine. The choice of the current mode lies entirely with the electronics. This car, along with several more copies, belongs to the title of the most environmentally friendly.

Ford Escape fuel consumption, reviewsconfirm, is equal to 6.7 liters per 100 km. If you compare the performance of this SUV with others - here he is the undisputed leader. About himself, he is informed of his hybrid basis, thanks to which fuel economy is 10-20%. This is exactly what the manufacturers counted on - a car that not only does not concede similar to the class, but also has distinctive features. In this case it is an attractive fuel consumption. I must say that car manufacturers who have taken a course to create hybrid models, in the near future will be able to receive from this good dividends.

Exteriors like a car with a gasolineengine, and hybrid are absolutely identical. Despite this, the difference in value is more than significant: 7 thousand euros. This is a significant difference, but if the car is bought for the family, fuel consumption also matters.

The target audience of such cars -held adults, whose age is 35-45 years. They pay more attention not to what the car looks like, but to its content. Manufacturers with this completely agree, and decided not to think too much about the appearance of the model. Classical elements are good for her, so you can say that with this they guessed.

In the cabin everything is in strict colors, there is no special gloss,Expensive. In its decoration a lot of inexpensive plastic and gray velor. The backlight of the dashboard is classic - blue. This color quickly bothers, especially if you move by car in the dark. But that's the whole Ford Escape. The reviews, however, are still positive, because they are written by people who knew about this feature. But, despite this, small mistakes in the development of the model could be avoided. For example, climate control could be made more comfortable, it could not be located on the center console. Drivers are accustomed to seeing the off button on the edge, and here it is - right in the middle of the central console of the Ford Escape. Comments on this shortcoming speak eloquently.

But, of course, not everything is so bad. Places in the cabin, as it should be, very much - and this despite the fact that the floor is at a fairly high level. The driver's seat can be adjusted in the widest range. The second row of seats is quite spacious, it can easily accommodate three people.

For what purpose is the Ford Escape ideal? Reviews say that the elements of this car are long-distance travel and travel. To ride on it for a long time is very convenient and not at all tedious. Of course, there are disadvantages, but this does not affect the comfort of the driver and passengers. In addition, low lines of windows and straight windows allow passengers to comfortably watch beautiful scenery from the outside. And if you still remember that this is a modification of the Ford Escape Hybrid ... Reviews about the economy of this model are familiar to everyone! Add here noise insulation and lack of swing - and the car becomes even more attractive. The safety of this model is also at a high level. There are both belts and airbags, and a stabilizing system.

The driver at the wheel of the car is very comfortable -manageability at a high level. That's why people like Ford Escape. Reviews of the owners reveal the essence of the car: it is designed for a moderate, quiet ride. You can not organize a race on it. But to please the family for many hours traveling to another country without discomfort is easy.