Opel Vivaro - van with ambitions

Opel began production of its offspring in2001. The car is positioned as a special-purpose van, today it is available in several modifications. It should be noted that Opel Vivaro has much in common with his "colleague" Renault Traffic. Moreover, both cars were developed on a common technological platform, and glory, it seems, will also have to be divided in half.

Jpel Vivaro
The car occupies the niche of cars withcarrying capacity up to 2.8 tons. Despite its purpose, Opel Vivaro on the level of comfort can quite give odds to some modern sedans. At the height and design of the car. Together with a reliable security system, these facts explain the high popularity of the car, as well as why he leads the sales ratings.

Five years later, the public was presented with a secondgeneration Opel Vivaro. Photos immediately appeared in the network and magazines, and soon began mass production. The new generation received increased headlights, a modified grille and a slightly different bumper design. Original tuning Opel Vivaro was successful. The appearance of the new car is characterized by spectacular dynamism.

Tuning Opel Vivaro

Opel Vivaro is equipped with sliding doors -either only from the right side, or from both sides. The interior of the car has become even more spacious and comfortable. Stylishly designed dashboard: each of them has a visor, thanks to which, even with a very bright sun, the readings of the instruments are read without problems. The gearbox shift lever is moved to the torpedo, and accordingly, three people can now seat in the front seat of the car. In general, the salon is designed for 9 people, while they do not hamper each other's movements.

On Vivaro set one of three optionsengines: gasoline or one of the diesel with turbo. Concerning the latter, you can see that they are characterized by high economic efficiency and good dynamic performance.

Opel vivaro photo
It's time to try the car on the move. The first feeling is that you are driving a car. And this is despite the two-ton "chest" behind his shoulders. Excellent driving performance and good visibility ensure easy and uncomplicated driving. On a good road, Opel Vivaro confidently holds the road and demonstrates good dynamics. The only thing you need to get used to is the dimensions of the car.

As for professional skills,German automaker produces a passenger version of the van, commercial and freight. The first, as already mentioned, is designed for 9 people, and even thus the volume of the trunk of the car exceeds a cubic meter.

Summing up all the above, we conclude: van of the German automaker in the ratio of safety, functionality and price took a worthy place in its niche. The engine and parts of German production can not even cause a certain amount of doubt in reliability. Actually, that's why they are considered an unspoken template in the automotive industry. All this explains the fact that Vivaro is so popular in our country in the segment of commercial vehicles.