Unobtrusive gourmet compartment: Toyota GT-86

The leading Japanese manufacturers of Toyota andSubaru was jointly built a new sports modern coupe Toyota GT-86, which officially debuted in public in November 2011. Immediately I would like to focus on the fact that the car has different names for the Japanese and European market. In particular, at home the car is known as "86", while its name in the Old World is "GT-86". The history of this model originates in 2009, when a conceptual version of the Toyota FT-86 was demonstrated at an automobile exhibition in Tokyo. In the spring of next year in Geneva showed the FT-86 II Concept, which is very similar to its current version of the car.

Toyota GT 86
Now Toyota GT-86 is rightfully considered the mosta compact sports car for four seats from all existing. The parameters of the model in length, width and height are 4240 x 2570 x 1285 millimeters, respectively. The car is equipped with a two-cylinder "quartet", capable of reaching 200 horses. As for the gearbox, the power unit operates in combination with a six-speed mechanics. However, the manufacturer also provided such an option as a six-speed "automatic".

Toyota GT86
If we talk about the advantages of the Toyota GT86,the characteristics of motion deserve separate words. In the case of a mechanical transmission, the car has enough 7.6 seconds to accelerate to a hundred, while the "automatic" for this will take 8.2 seconds. The highest possible speed is 225 and 209 km / h, respectively. Designers of the manufacturer decided to place the power unit in the lower part of the frame, namely at an altitude of only 475 millimeters. This allows you to significantly reduce the center of gravity. The coupe also has an excellent weight distribution over the axes, which is 53 and 47 percent for the front and rear ones, respectively. It should be noted that the front of the Toyota GT-86 uses the McPherson suspension, and the rear - a standard dependent with a rigid bridge on the longitudinal springs. In the basic version of the car wheels are installed with a radius of 17 inches, and in the kit designed for the Japanese market - vesnadtsatnadtsatidyuymovye.

Toyota GT86 specifications
In May 2012, the domestic marketstarted accepting orders for the new Toyota GT-86. The price of the standard version, which is known as Elegance, with "mechanics" for Russian buyers is about 1.353 million rubles. The kit includes a stabilization system, seven airbags, climate control for two zones, bi-xenon optics, an audio system, and a system that allows access to the salon without keys. The intermediate version, called the Prestige, will cost the Russian 1.412 million rubles. In addition to the above facilities, this includes the upholstery of the armchairs with the skin, as well as the function of their heating. Well, for the most "charged" modification of the Toyota GT86, the Russian will have to pay out an amount of 1,483 million rubles. This version is called Luxe and differs from the previous variation only by an automatic transmission. Note that the manufacturer takes orders for the car in colors such as blue, orange, black, silver, white and red. An interesting feature is that for each of them, except for red, you need to pay an additional amount of 14 thousand rubles.