VAZ-2108: specifications, description, photo

The car "Lada Sputnik" model VAZ-2108(specifications will be described below) is a small class hatchback. This machine was manufactured from 1984 to 2004. These cars are owned by AvtoVAZ. Machines were developed even during the Soviet Union. The project was updated from 1970 to 1984.

Initially, the VAZ-2108 had two names. "Sputnik" - cars for the domestic market, "Samara" - copies that were intended for export. However, it was subsequently accepted to refuse the first in favor of the second title.

VAZ 2108 specifications


In the development of the model VAZ-2108 participated Germanexperts who carried out work on the development of the entire car and its units. The body and design was fully developed and calculated by the Soviet engineers of the Volga plant.

Machine VAZ-2108, photo of which is beautifuldemonstrate its external features, has a body in the modification of the hatchback, with three doors, the drive is front. Suspension of this car is built on the system "McPherson" and is semi-independent. Steering on the "satellite" is applied rack and pinion. All these elements in 1984 were real innovations for the USSR, as previously no one created such machines from the Soviet automotive plants. This model for many years caught the views of both motorists and passers-by. After the collapse of the USSR, the machine has not lost its popularity.


The car VAZ-2108 (photo below) has a salon inwhich can accommodate up to five people. Seats are upholstered in fabric materials. The ceiling and the racks inside the machine were also removed. To sit on the rear sofa of the car, because it was three-door, it was necessary to push one of the front seats, and lower its back. In the cabin there is also a heating system. The panel of the machine was made of plastic. There is no tachometer on the instrument panel. The side windows on the doors are equipped with manual window lifters.

carburetor VAZ 2108

The engine of VAZ-2108

The engine is located under the hood in the transverseposition to the body. The engines have a four-cylinder and in-line layout scheme. In their majority they were equipped with carburetors, and one option - with an injector system. The aggregate capacities range from 54 to 71 liters. from. at volumes from 1.100 to 1.500 liters. Transmission - five-speed with a mechanical system. The VAZ-2108 engine suited almost all consumers.


The design of the car in the people for its form wasnickname "chisel". The first models used a plastic overlay on the tip of the hood. Later on this element was abandoned, because of the low quality and complexity of manufacturing, it was also quite difficult to fit steel elements with plastic parts. The headlights of the car are rectangular and angular in shape, and the grille for blowing out the radiator is made of plastic. The luggage compartment of this hatchback in a standard position can hold up to 270 liters, and with the lowered back of the rear sofa up to 1000 liters.

The engine of the VAZ 2108

VAZ-2108: specifications

The car was produced by the Volzhsky Automobile Plant, thatalready and so it is clear from the context that first was in the territory of the Soviet Union, and later became part of Russia. The issue was established in two countries at once: the producer country and Ukraine (2003-2014). On the territory of the last assembly was carried out by the famous ZAZ. VAZ-2108 belongs to the second class of cars.

The machine was installed five differentengines, which differed in several indicators. The total weight of the VAZ-2108 (the technical specifications at the time of production of this model complied with the standards) is about 920 kg. The fuel tank holds 43 liters; and the carrying capacity is more than 400 kg.

Front suspension - McPherson or "swinging candle". On the "Satellite" was installed on the rear wheels suspension system lever-torsion type.

Steering system - rack and pinion. As usual, the brakes are of different types. Rear - drum, front - disc, open view. Such a mechanism is the VAZ-2108. The car's specifications for the then buyer were among the best.

vaz 2108 photo

Briefly about the carburetor

In order for the fuel-air masswas formed and the car came into motion, it is necessary to have an unconditional presence of a carburetor. Thanks to him, as well as his unique systems, cars are "long-livers". Install this element only if the engine is cooled. Carburetor VAZ-2108 is subject to disassembly, which can be performed if necessary. However, it must be done by a station employee. service or a third-party professional who knows his business.

In order for the carburetor to last a long timetime, it is necessary constantly to look after it and to keep on control at once some technical moments. We are talking about the float mechanism, fuel filter, emulsion tubes and more. Only when maintaining them in good condition can we say that the carburetor VAZ-2108 will work for a long time.