Where can I get a loan secured by real estate?

The protracted crisis forces people more oftenapply for cash loans to banks and MFIs. At the same time, among the population, the percentage of those whom banks consider to be positive and trustworthy clients - with "white" salary, official employment, high income level, is less and less. And this means that if you urgently needed a large amount of money, it is not a fact that the bank will lend you it without problems.

If we are talking about 10-15 thousand rubles, at your service MFO for every taste - there are even those where the necessary amount will be transferred via the Internet directly to you on the card in 5 minutes, for example, the service online loans "Robot Seymour". And the requirements for employment and official income there are much softer. Well, if the problem is estimated at several hundred thousand - many start thinking about a loan secured by property.

Where will they give money on the security of an apartment?

The most obvious answer is in the bank. The advantages are clear - interest rates are lower, loan amounts are higher, and trust to the bank, like as, more. But there are also disadvantages: the bank will assess not only the liquidity of your property, but also you as a borrower. And this again brings us back to the issue of "white" income, labor contract, and, in addition, a positive credit history.

The very process of issuing a loan on the security of an apartment in a bank is quite long, it includes an assessment of the property, compulsory insurance of both property and the borrower.

An easier way is to contact the MFI. Some microfinance organizations also issue loans on the security of an apartment, usually the maximum amount of such a loan is 1 million rubles. You do not need to confirm your income, the credit history does not play a role, the maximum term is a couple of years. Interest, of course, will be higher than in the bank, but the likelihood of approval - too.

If, for some reason, the MFI also receivedrefusal, then you can apply for a similar service to a private person on the Internet sites of the financial market P2P. However, the probability of fraud here is much higher than in the bank or MFIs.

How not to be on the street?

Whatever option you choose, you need to remember,that this kind of loan is a rather risky thing. The slightest inattention can cost you housing. Therefore, you need to do everything to not lose property:

- carefully read the contract, paying attention to the point that during the loan the apartment remains at your disposal, with the right to stay in it;

- check whether the contract contains specificpoints, involuntary violation of which may lead to its early termination: the ban on leasing, the prohibition of registration of someone, the ban on repairs, as well as mandatory notice to the lender in the event of a change of your job;

- make sure that the lender can not unilaterally raise the interest rate of the loan;

- and, of course, not to allow delinquency of payments,since the creditor in this case has the right to terminate the contract unilaterally, demanding that the debt be paid immediately and in full. Another unpleasant option - the apartment will be put up for auction.

There are many more nuances, so the best option is to sign the contract before signing a lawyer and together with him to discuss all the disputable aspects of the transaction.

Alina Ovsyannikova

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