Lopaz plus: the instruction, analogues, recommendations

Today, there are many absolutely differentmedicines for the treatment of hypertension. Each of them has its own characteristics, it is recommended to those or other categories of patients. However, there is a drug that specialists are increasingly prescribed to a variety of people. Doctors are confident in the quality of this medicine, the possibility of its wide application. This drug is called "Lozap plus" and is a combined remedy. In international pharmacology, this drug is known as "Losartan + Hydrochlorothiazide."

What is the use of the drug "Lopaz plus"? The instruction recommends the use of this medicine for the treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure).

The agent is a tablet coatedshell. Its active substances are potassium losartan and hydrochlorothiazide. The first acts as a blocker of angiotensin II, the second - as a diuretic. Together, these substances make the drug "Lozap plus" a mild hypotensive (pressure-lowering) drug. It is shown mainly to elderly patients and people with constantly high blood pressure.

Most often the recommended dose is a tabletin a day. In particularly serious cases, you can take two tablets a day. The maximum and sustained action of the drug "Lozap plus" instruction promises three weeks after the start of systematic treatment.

Like all tablets, this drug has manycontraindications. The medicine for "Lozap plus" does not prescribe for breastfeeding women, pregnant women, patients with impaired liver or kidneys. It is contraindicated to people suffering from hypovolemia (a decrease in blood volume) and to those who take many diuretics. Suffering anuria (lack of urination), too, can not take the drug "Lopaz plus."

Instruction to the drug warns thattablets can cause side effects. An angioneurotic edema of the face or neck may occur, dizziness, too sudden a drop in pressure. Perhaps increased urination, the emergence of tachycardia.

To the benefit of the treatment has surpassed the possible side unwanted effects of the drug "Lozap plus", the instruction insists on this, without advice from a doctor, medicine can not be taken.

Because the drug acts rather gently,elderly people are selected individual dose: usually enough recommendations in the instructions to the drug. In addition, it can be taken together with other diuretic and hypotensive drugs. However, it is very cautious to do it. Taking several drugs at the same time can increase the amount of urea and creatinine in the plasma, especially in people with kidney disease. In addition, against a background of joint administration, there may be an increase in cholesterol, hyperuricemia (excess uric acid in the blood), gout.

These unpleasant phenomena once again confirm that the drug "Lopaz plus" is allowed to be taken only after a thorough examination by a doctor.

In general, this drug reduces blood pressure well, preserves the healing effect for a long time.

The medicine "Lopaz plus", which is produced inCzech Republic, there are analogues. These are drugs that have a similar effect but are released in other countries: Gizaar forte is produced in the UK, Lorista N in Slovenia, Vazotens N in Iceland.

The active substance of all these drugs is the same potassium losartan.

Because all these drugs are different in price,in pharmacies of large cities, instead of a drug prescribed by a doctor, one can recommend a cheaper analogue. In principle, such a replacement is not forbidden. However, before purchasing a substitute or an analogue, one should consult, at least by phone, with the attending physician.

Despite the fact that all of the above analogsof the drug "Lopaz plus" are approximately the same, they can have different effects on people with different "set" of diseases. Since only the attending physician knows the characteristics of his patients, the last word in the selection of medications remains for him.