Kenalog: instructions and dosage

The drug "Kenalog" interferes with the functioningtissue macrophages, as well as leukocytes. Reduces the content of proteolytic enzymes in the inflammation zone. Reduces the activity of collagen. The drug has a pronounced effect on the organic metabolism of fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Activates the capture of organic amino acids by kidneys and liver and increases the activity of food enzymes.

In high doses, the drug stimulates the excitability of brain tissue and reduces the threshold of seizures. May provoke an attack of peptic ulcers.

When used in the form of inhalation, it has a beneficial effect on the bronchi in patients with bronchial asthma.

The medicine "Kenalog" is used for rheumatism,lupus erythematosus, severe progressive cases of bronchial asthma, rheumatoid arthritis, hemorrhagic diathesis, erythema multiforme, liikemia, lymphoma, pulmonary fibrosis, dermatosis, lymphosarcoma, pulmonary emphysema, nephrotic syndrome, and lymphogranulosis.

For the application of external medicine is indicated for diseases such as neurodermatitis, eczema, other types of dermatitis, skin diseases of non-microbial origin.

A white suspension is"Kenalog". Instructions for use recommend shaking the ampoule before injection. The dose volume and the total time of drug use are determined absolutely individually. Injections are performed by delaying a deep intramuscular injection. Quickly and superficially not recommended. After the injection, it is advisable to press the sterile napkin tightly against the injection site to prevent the drug from getting out.

The drug can be used by administrationdirectly into the joint either intramuscularly, or into the area of ​​local skin lesions. Depending on this, the dosage is different for the preparation "Kenalog". The instruction recommends, with the intra-articular method, the dose to be determined depending on the size of the patient joint. For the small joint (fingers or toes) about 10 mg. For middle joints (ulnar, humerus) about 20 mg. Large joints (knee, hip) up to 40 mg.

In case of an intraocular injection, depending on the size of the affected area, up to 10 mg of children are administered to adults 12 and adults to 40 mg. Individual volume of the drug is determined by the attending physician.

When injected into a zone of localized cutaneouslesions 1 ml of the drug is diluted with an anesthetic and mixed directly into the syringe. The injection is carried out in the horizontal position of the syringe, without further penetrating the subcutaneous layer.

Contraindications of the preparation "Kenalog". The instruction strongly recommends stopping the use of the drug in case of individual sensitivity and intolerance to the components of the drug. Also with tuberculosis, glaucoma, diabetes mellitus. "Kenalog" is forbidden to enter intravenously. Thoroughly check its interaction with anesthetics with a local injection. It is desirable to conduct a laboratory analysis of intraarticular fluid to prevent septic process.

If, in spite of taking the drug, it continuesincreased pain, which is accompanied by lack of mobility of the joint, malaise, mild fever and swelling, it can be assumed that these are symptoms of septic arthritis. In the laboratory analysis of the presence of sepsis, it is necessary to combine the drug with antimicrobial therapy.

During treatment with the preparation "Kenalog", instructioncategorically rejects vaccinations with live vaccines. This can reduce the expected effect of treatment to zero. Therefore, the drug is consumed eight weeks before and after the vaccination. If the patient has never tolerated varicella, the likelihood of the disease increases.