Means "Reopoliglyukin". Indications for use

The medicine "Reopoliglyukin", the price of which is 85is a plasma-substituting drug. The drug helps increase the suspension stability of blood, reduce its viscosity, restore blood flow in small capillaries.

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Mechanism of action

The drug "Reopoliglyukin", indications for usewhich will be considered below, normalizes the venous and arterial blood circulation, reduces and prevents the aggregation of the blood constituents. It has detoxification properties. According to the osmotic mechanism, the drug stimulates diuresis, which accelerates the excretion of toxins, poisons, degradation products of metabolic processes. Expressed volemicheskoe effect positively affects hemodynamics and is accompanied simultaneously by the transport of decay products from tissues. Together with an increase in diuresis, this provides a high rate of detoxification of the body.

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Means "Reopoliglyukin". Indications for use

A medication is prescribed for treatment andprevention of burn, traumatic, hemorrhagic, cardiogenic, as well as toxic and postoperative shock. The drug is recommended to replace the volume of plasma with blood loss in pediatrics. In therapy and for the prevention of disorders of venous circulation, the drug "Reopoliglyukin" is also prescribed. Indications for the use of the remedy include such pathologies as Raynaud's disease, obliterating endarteritis, thrombophlebitis, thrombosis and others. Effective medication for peritonitis, ulcerative necrotic enterocolitis, pancreatitis for detoxification. It is recommended to use the drug for extensive purulent necrotic processes in soft tissues, food toxic infections, long-term compression syndrome. In the preoperative period, the drug is prescribed for hemodilution. Means "Reopoliglyukin", indications for the application of which include also some ophthalmologic pathologies, effectively eliminates complications of myopia, dystrophic processes in the retina, initial atrophy. The medicine is also recommended for pathologies of the cornea and vascular ocular membrane of an inflammatory nature.

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Dosing regimen

The medicine is injected drip, jet ordrip-dropwise intravenously. Depending on the patient's condition, the level of heart rate, blood pressure, hematocrit, the dosage of the drug "Reopoliglyukin" is set. Indications for use, the severity of the course of pathology are the main factors that specialists take into account when assigning a method and speed of administration. In each case, the dosage is set individually. The introduction of medicines to children is carried out under the close supervision of a doctor.

Side effects of the drug "Reopoliglyukin." Reviews

According to many patients, the drug issufficiently safe and highly efficient. The agent in a relatively short time helps to get rid of the symptoms of pathologies, rarely causing complications. It should be noted good tolerability of therapy by children. There may be allergic reactions, increased bleeding.