Decoding of the results of histology: features

Women and men sometimes have to undergothrough surgical methods of treatment. Most of the tissues removed during surgery are sent for a special additional examination called histology. The interpretation of the results of this analysis will be covered in this article.

interpretation of the results of histology

What it is?

Before decodingthe results of histology, you need to find out what it is. Under such a detailed examination, a thorough study of the state of organs at the tissue level is implied. Simply put, a piece of the human body is sent for diagnosis.

histology interpretation of results

How much is the result?

Decoding of the results of histology can bereceived within a period of up to two weeks. In a public medical institution, the analysis is conducted within one week. Many private clinics promise to examine the resulting tissue for several days. Such a histology is called urgent. It is worth noting that such a study may be less informative.

Histology: interpretation of results

Before analyzing the data specified inconclusion, it is worth familiarizing with the patient's condition and complaints. Also, the interpretation of the results of histology largely depends on what kind of tissue was sent for analysis.

The most common histological examinationspend to people who have a suspicion of a malignant tumor. Also this diagnosis is very common in gynecology. For example, the results of histology after curettage (decoding) will show possible diseases of the uterine cavity. If the cleaning was carried out because of a frozen pregnancy, then the reasons for the occurrence of such a problem will be indicated in the decoding.

Deciphering the results of histology is not easyprocess. Persons without medical education can hardly understand anything in the conclusion. Almost everything is written in Latin using a variety of terms. If tissue sampling was carried out within the walls of a public hospital, your result will be immediately sent to the doctor. In the case when you used the services of a private clinic, the results of the histology are given directly to the hands.

results of histology after curettage decoding

First item: data

In the received form you can see your personaldata. They are usually indicated in the header of the sheet. Next, the type of tissue and the location of their fence will be indicated. Thus, the interpretation of the results of histology of the cervix contains the following phrase: "A biopsy of the cervix and cervical canal". This suggests that the doctor took a piece of tissue from this organ. The material can be taken from absolutely any organ: the female ovary or the mammary gland, the kidney or liver, the heart or tonsils and so on.

The second point: the method of investigation

After that, the method of analysis is indicated. It can be an urgent histology (duration from one hour to two days) or usual research (up to ten days). Immediately, solutions are identified that were used to study the material.

Third point: the main conclusion

Next, you can see many terms onLatin. Many patients believe that the more written as a result of histology, the worse. However, such a claim can be challenged. The laboratory assistant specifies in detail all the names of the revealed tissues. Thus, histological examination of a frozen pregnancy records records of the detection of pieces of the endometrium, decidual tissue (embryo), parts of the placenta (if by that time it was already formed). Also in this field are indicated the detected pathological processes. If histology of the intestine was carried out, you can see records of the presence of polyps (benign diseases), all kinds of cysts (malignant or benign) and so on.

There are usually no recommendations in the histological examination sheet. The doctor already after decoding himself appoints the necessary correction and draws conclusions.

transcription of histology of the cervix

After receiving the results

If you received the result of the study on hand,it is worth first to show it to the doctor. Remember that trying to decipher an analysis on your own can lead to a stressful state and heightened anxiety.

Currently, almost every histological examination is prescribed treatment. Its duration and complexity directly depend on the severity of the revealed pathology.

how to decipher the result of histology


Now you know what histology is and howdecipher it. Remember that self-medication can lead to serious complications and unexpected consequences. Always use the services of a doctor. Only in this case you can keep your health. All the best!