The most effective drugs for gastritis and stomach ulcers

In the presence of gastric ulcer and gastritis, onlyadhere to a diet for full recovery. In modern medicine, numerous drugs are used to treat these diseases, which provide a long-term therapeutic effect. At the same time they are available to everyone. But all these funds can be prescribed exclusively by a doctor, and it is by no means possible to write them out to yourself. Many are interested in what to treat gastritis and stomach ulcers. The drugs will be presented in this article.

regimen of gastritis and gastric ulcer treatment

Any medicines are prescribed only after the diagnosis and a thorough medical examination.

Advances in medicine

One of the most important achievements in the field ofmedicine in the twentieth century was the opening of those reasons that provoke the development of gastritis and gastric ulcer. It turned out that it's not just the diet, stress and nervous disorders, but also microbes that get into the human body. For this discovery in 2005, the Australian B. Marshall and R. Warren received the Nobel Prize.

The main culprit of these pathologies was aa bacterium, like Helicobacter pylori. Penetrating to the person in the stomach, it begins to multiply intensively, and then fills the mucous membrane. Such bacteria contribute to its destruction, and later also of the gastric walls. There is an inflammatory process that intensifies under the influence of hydrochloric acid in the composition of gastric juice, which gets access to the affected area due to the destruction of the mucous layer, which acts as a protective layer. Thus there is a development of gastritis, and he, in turn, can serve as the starting point of peptic ulcer.

Other causes of the disease

Also among other reasons for the development of datadiseases can mention the effect on the gastric mucosa of such irritants as ibuprofen, aspirin and other NSAIDs, alcohol in large quantities, nicotine, caustic substances with accidental ingestion, as well as viral infections and autoimmune diseases. What is the most effective medicine for an ulcer and gastritis?

than to treat gastritis and gastric ulcer drugs

To date, the ulcer is no longer a disease that requires a surgical method of elimination, and in most cases, like gastritis, it is amenable to the treatment of a medicamentous nature.

Since the same factors play the main role in the development of these ailments, the therapeutic regimens, as well as the drugs used for gastritis and ulcers, are similar.

Most often, the treatment of these diseases includes two phases: blocking the exacerbation and preventing the return of pathology.

The main list of drugs for gastritis and gastric ulcers can be divided into two groups:

- those that reduce aciditygastric contents due to the neutralization of hydrochloric acid (i.e., antacids) or by inhibiting the production of gastric juice (i.e., antisecretory drugs);

- antimicrobial, if Helicobacter pylori infection is confirmed.

Medications used for inflammation of the gastric mucosa

Therapy of gastritis is carried out with the purposethe normalization of excretion in the stomach of perchloric acid. Depending on whether there is a decrease or increase in secretion of the stomach acid, depends on the appointment of a doctor of medicines. A universal remedy for gastritis therapy does not exist, and it is not possible to invent it.

If the acidity of the stomach is lowered, then doctorswrite out the gastric juice (either natural or artificial). Drinking it is necessary during meals, the dosage is measured very strictly. In this juice there is hydrochloric acid, necessary for the stomach, and a number of enzymes that help digestion.

If the acidity is normal or high, thenantacids are prescribed. One of the most common are "Vicair", "Rennie", "Maalox", "Almagel". Often used also drugs that block the output of hydrochloric acid. The most common representative in this category of drugs is "Ranitidine."

treatment of gastritis and stomach ulcers preparations

Other drugs for gastritis and stomach ulcers

Gastritis is characterized not only by pain in the stomach and heartburn, but also by other symptoms. His therapy is impossible without the use of a number of drugs:

- Drugs are prescribed against diarrhea, which slows down peristalsis: "Loflatil", "Loperamide".

- "Tserukal" and "Motilium" have proven themselves against vomiting.

- With increased formation of gases, as one of the characteristic symptoms of gastritis, "Espumizan" is used.

- To stop such a common signdiseases like pain, most often prescribe antispasmodics: Spazmalgon, Papaverin, No-Shpa. Among the analgesics - "Baralgin", etc. A number of specialists do not like to use "Analgin", because it is characterized by serious side effects. The list of preparations from gastritis and stomach ulcers does not end there.

- To restore digestion, write "Mezim".

- To block the activity, the Helicobacter pylori bacteria use antibiotics.

- To ensure rest, the patient is treated with sedatives, including a motherwort tincture, valerian extract and "Phytosed".

- To improve appetite, prescribe such drugs that contain bitter substances.

What other drugs for gastritis and stomach ulcers exist?

preparations for gastritis and gastric ulcer list

Drugs directed against ulcers

Therapy of gastric ulcer is defined asthe age of the patient, and his general condition, the place where the damage to the mucosa occurs. It should be remembered that one can not independently prescribe antiulcer drugs. You can not trust also constantly persecuting advertising on TV, listen to acquaintances who also had an ulcer, and they could be cured of it with the help of some wonderful medicine. Such manipulations can only do harm. The treatment regimen for gastritis and gastric ulcers and preparations for one patient will be completely appropriate, but the other is not.

Advantages of an integrated approach

The main principle of antiulcer treatmentis an integrated approach. This requires drugs that neutralize the influence of all the harmful factors that cause the onset and progression of a stomach ulcer.

To achieve the desired therapeutic effect in this disease, the doctor most often appoints the following drug groups:

  • Antibacterial agents. Ignore them is not possible, because their influence is directed against the Helicobacter pylori, which is one of the most important provocateurs of the disease. Among them: "Metronidazole", "De-Nol" and other drugs related to the group of antibiotics. Preparations for the treatment of gastritis and gastric ulcers are selected individually for the patient.
    What is the most effective medicine for an ulcer and a gastritis?
  • Blockers, as well as inhibitors of receptors that are responsible for the production of hydrochloric acid: "Omeprazole" or "Omez", "Rabeprazole", "Ranitidine", "Nexium".
  • Antacids, which reduce the acidity of gastric juice. Their distinctive feature is the rapid impact: "Maalox", "Almagel", "Fosfalugel", etc.
  • Prokinetics, contributing to the acceleration of food withdrawal processes, the elimination of vomiting and nausea: Motilium, Cerucal.
  • To eliminate such a symptom, as pain, spasmolytics - "No-Shpu", "Papaverin" etc. are prescribed. But are the preparations for gastritis and stomach ulcers always safe?

What harm can self-medication do?

Treatment of pathology of the digestive tract shouldcarried out solely under the strict supervision of a physician. Only he can prescribe a suitable medicine and, in case of which, correct the therapeutic course. You can not prescribe the drug to yourself. Very rarely patients carefully read the instruction on the use of the drug before using it, so that he does not know all the necessary details: the features of the action, the application, possible contraindications and side effects. The last patients in principle do not pay attention to self-treatment.

preparations for gastritis and gastric ulcers

Very unhealthy reception is harmfulsulfonamides, antibiotics, medicines containing poisons. They can cause great harm to health instead of good. Pregnant women, elderly people and children are not categorically self-cured. The best folk remedies for stomach ulcers are discussed below.

Folk remedies

Before applying the techniques of traditional medicine fortherapy of ulcers and gastritis it is necessary to consult with your attending physician, as their effect can lead to a decrease in the effectiveness of medications used at the same time, and also worsen the patient's well-being.

It is very useful for the treatment of ulcers to takemade of brewer's yeast mixture. To do this, take a teaspoon of yeast, mixed with two teaspoons of honey. Infused with the product within a day. This mixture is taken on an empty stomach, and then a new portion is made. This way you need to be treated for two weeks.

prevention of gastritis and stomach ulcers preparations

Against an ulcer

The ulcer can be helped by a remedy thatis prepared on the basis of lard, honey and propolis. 30 grams of propolis should be crushed with a knife, mixed with 500 grams of honey and add to them another 50 grams of lard pre-melted. This mixture is stored in the refrigerator. You need to consume it for ten to fifteen minutes before each meal, one tablespoon. Treatment lasts as long as it takes to eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

With gastritis

With gastritis, freshly squeezed juice helpsPotato, which helps to eliminate heartburn, pain and recovery of the mucosa. It is necessary to drink it in the amount of a quarter of a glass fifteen minutes before meals four times a day. The duration of the course is three weeks.

We examined drugs for the prevention of gastritis and stomach ulcers, as well as for the treatment of diseases.