Ichthyol ointment: reviews and analogues

Along with a wide variety of ultramodernmedicines in pharmacies can be found and those that are familiar to us since childhood. Due to their quality, they are also successful in modern medical practice. One of these medicines is the ichthyol ointment. You probably heard about this miracle remedy for the first time from your mom or grandmother. In Soviet times, in all household medicine kits near the greenery, mustard plasters, "Star" balsam and streptocid proudly stood a small jar of "ichthyolka". She was always at hand - in case a pimple pops out or a wound gets wound. What has gained this confidence in yourself this black ointment, what are the indications for its use and what can be replaced with the "ichthyolka", if it was not in the pharmacy?


The active substance of the ointment is ichthyol (ichthammol). It is obtained by the method of processing oil from oil shale, because the medicine has a specific smell of fuel oil. Do you know why Ichthyol was named that way? In deep mountain deposits, the miners often met the remains of ancient marine life, fish and shellfish. The creators of the new substance did not philosophize slyly and called the substance in their honor - ichthyol (from other Greek "ichthy" - "fish").

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Ichthyol is added in a volume of 10 or 20% in vaseline,and thus a medicine is obtained - ichthyol ointment. Reviews of the medicinal properties of the substance mentioned were obtained back in the 1880s, when they began to use it in medicine. At that time, all possible skin diseases, gout, rheumatism, and mastitis were treated with ichthyol. The substance disinfected, relieved pain and inflammation. It was used to stretch ligaments, bruises, they treated women's and men's diseases, migraines and even took inside. Today it is also included in a large number of medical and cosmetic products, and is also traditionally used to treat purulent wounds.


Today, like many years ago, in every pharmacyichthyol ointment is sold. What is this medicine for? Ichthyol has excellent disinfectant, anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties, and also warms and relieves soreness. It is used for any skin problems: wounds, burns, eczema, streptoderma, erysipelas, promotes rapid healing of wounds and perfectly heals boils and purulent rashes. Also effective for neuralgia, joints and in the treatment of pelvic organs ichthyol ointment. The properties of this drug are unique in their own way. Ichthyol does not penetrate into the blood, which means that it can be used even during pregnancy and lactation. But little children appoint him with caution.

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For the treatment of wounds

Perhaps the most common of all,I have ever received ointment ichthyol, reviews are those that speak of its indispensability in the treatment of purulent wounds, inflammations, frostbite, burns, boils and boils, trophic ulcers, etc. The ointment applied to the damaged area quickly penetrates into the deep layers of skin. There, it destroys the protein compounds of the microflora, eliminating the very cause of inflammation. Also ichthyol activates the blood supply, and along with the blood to the wound, oxygen also enters. The problem zone is quickly cleared, regeneration of tissues is activated. If you believe the reviews, after applying the "ichthyolki" from the wound there will not even be a hint of a scar. The way of using ichthyol ointment for skin diseases is simple. It is necessary to apply a thin layer of the medicine to the problem site, cover with a gauze napkin and fix it with a band-aid. This bandage should be changed every 2-3 hours and every time apply a fresh layer of the drug. It is not recommended to rub the ointment into the skin.

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In the treatment of rheumatism or joint painthe agent is also applied in a small layer. Reviews say that the medicine removes inflammation, puffiness, pain and disperses stagnant blood. Also ichthyol ointment is good for abscesses.

In urology and gynecology

The ointment considered by us not bad has recommendeditself and in the treatment of pelvic organs: hemorrhoids, anal fissures, prostatitis. Doctors say that the drug will help women with a variety of diseases: salpingitis, oophoritis, bacterial vaginosis, erosion, metritis and endometritis, colpitis and a mass of other pathologies. For treatment use rectal or vaginal suppositories, which contain ihtiol, or tampons. To do this, mix in equal parts glycerol and 20% ichthyol ointment, and then apply the mixture on a gauze swab. It is injected inside and left overnight. Ichthyol relieves pain, relieves puffiness and inflammation, restores blood flow and heals mucous membranes.

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Cleanses the face skin

People who constantly suffer from rashes andacne on the face, ichthyol ointment will also help. For which this remedy is used, it is easy to guess - to eliminate acne. And how correctly to use it in this case?

The drug is an antiseptic and perfectly fightswith skin infections, therefore it will be effective for a variety of pustular formations, pimples (including deep subcutaneous), eczema, comedones. If you have a pimple on your skin, apply a little to the surface and leave it for a couple of hours. Ichthyol ointment draws pus from the deep layers of the skin quite quickly. But if the abscess has not erupted, or if it is large, then you can use it as a compress for the night. Usually, one or two procedures are enough. If the wound is freed from pus, then it is no longer necessary to apply ichthyol ointment.

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There are also certain limitations inapplication. So, it is inadmissible to use ointments based on ichthyol simultaneously with other agents (in the same zone). Especially if they contain alkaloids, salts of heavy metals or iodine. It is not recommended to use the product for people under 12 years old. Also, you should thoroughly wash your hands after handling the product to prevent it from getting inside. In some cases, individual intolerance may occur. If this happens, then the therapy should be stopped.

Side effects

For decades, it has already been well studied andmillions of people have tried ichthyol ointment. Reviews almost always talk about the effectiveness of the drug. But, as experts mark, in extremely rare cases the patient can develop an allergic reaction. This is mainly due to uncontrolled and frequent use of the medication. On the skin there is redness, itching, rash or hives. The problem is solved by canceling the drug. If you accidentally swallowed the ointment, then you should rinse the stomach and take the enterosorbent.

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Cost and form of issue

Another big plus is the costpreparation. Ichthyol ointment, the price of which ranges from 15 to 40 rubles (several times cheaper than other funds designed to deal with the same problems), is released in any pharmacy without a prescription.

The preparation may contain 10 or 20% of ichthyol andis available in tubes, small glass or plastic jars. Keep the "ichthyolku" in a cool, sheltered from the world place. Shelf life - 5 years.


What if there was no drug in the drugstore? Today, there are a number of products that have the same properties as ichthyol ointment.

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Their price, by the way, varies within the same limits. Below we list the most famous and popular medicines.

Vishnevsky ointment - in its composition tar, castor oil andxeroform. The action is similar to the ichthyol ointment. He treats trophic and varicose ulcers, is used for psoriasis, pressure sores, frostbite and burns, lymphadenitis. An excellent antiseptic drug, effective for boils, abscesses, abscesses, carbuncles.

"Fukorcin". The active ingredient is magenta. Disinfectant and antiseptic drug. It is prescribed for infectious and fungal lesions of the skin and mucous membranes. It is active in the treatment of eczema, mixed and oily seborrhoea.

Methylene blue - antiseptic. It is used for washing wounds and injured cavities. Effective in the treatment of many skin rashes (boils, pyoderma), with folliculitis, burns.

There are more expensive analogues. For example:

"Ilon" - disinfects and stops inflammation. Applied with furuncles, abscesses, carbuncles, hydradenitis and other diseases.

"Carboderm" - active substance - urea. The agent is prescribed only to adults. It has proven itself in the treatment of many diseases, even such serious ones as ichthyosis, psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea and others.

"Sangviritrin" - appoint with long-healing wounds, with infectious and fungal lesions of mucous membranes and skin. They are used in gynecology, dentistry, surgery. Suitable for newborn babies.

"Eccericide" - a solution designed to treat complex infected wounds. Will help with burns, purulent inflammatory processes, trophic ulcers. Applied for decontamination with meningococcal infection.