"Spasgan" with headache: instructions for use, reviews

Modern pharmacy chains are full of diversepainkillers. These drugs take the first place in popularity among all medicines. Some medications help to relieve spasm, others block nerve receptors, eliminating discomfort. The purpose of such formulations is to alleviate the patient's condition. This article will tell you about a medicine called "Spazgan". With a headache, the medication helps quite well. However, he has different opinions. You will learn about them in the article. Recall that when using the drug should not rely only on reviews.

spasm of headache with pills

Description of the preparation

How does the drug "Spazgan" work at the headpain? The composition of the preparation is selected in such a way that the effect from its application will be high and accurate. The drug has three active ingredients - metamizole sodium, hydrochloride pitophenone, as well as fenpiverinia bromide.

The medication is available in tablets and ampoules. The latter are administered by intramuscular injection. The cost of the medicine is in the range of 100-150 rubles.

"Spasgan" with headache: indications

The medication has a pronouncedanti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antipyretic and analgesic effect. He is prescribed for various types of headaches: migraine, hypertension, lack of sleep, low blood pressure, fatigue, intoxication, and so on. The drug is able to quickly block the pain receptors and relieve spasm. Metamizole sodium has antipyretic and analgesic effects. The pitofenon relieves spasm from the muscles and relaxes the meninges. The active substance fenpiverinia bromide is a nootropic antispasmodic.

The medication "Spazgan" helps with headache, but not only. Indications for its use will be the following situations:

  • renal and biliary colic;
  • intestinal colic and periodic pain in women;
  • spasm of cerebral vessels;
  • symptomatic therapy.

In what situations it is impossible to treat a headache "Spazgan"?

The described tool effectively fights againstunpleasant sensations in the head. However, not all fit tablets "Spazgan". From a headache it is not necessary to take a medicine with an increased sensitivity to one of its constituent components. Capsules are also not prescribed for children under 12 years of age. If necessary, in this case, it is necessary to replace the tablets with injections. The composition is not prescribed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

With diseases of the liver, kidneys, heart and blood vessels, medication can be contraindicated. In each individual case it is necessary to consider individually the possibility of carrying out therapy.

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The method of using the drug "Spazgan" with headache

Tablets should be taken orally after a meal. The stomach must be full. The composition is washed down with a small amount of pure water. Do not use carbonated and hot drinks for this. The dosage of the medication is chosen depending on the age and symptomatology.

For adults, the drug "Spazgan" with a headache is prescribed for one or two tablets up to 4 times a day. Children under 15 years of age are prescribed one tablet. The maximum dose per day is 4 pieces.

For children under 12 years of age, it is preferable to use injections. In this case, the dose is determined depending on the age and body weight. Single administration may contain from 0.1 to 5 ml of the preparation.

spazgnan tablets from a headache

Consumer opinion

The drug "Spazgan" (with headache) reviewshas good. Patients say that the action of the medication begins in a few minutes after application. The effect lasts for several hours (usually 6-8). Consumers report that the medicine is intended more for emergency use. All because the pills perfectly eliminate the pain, but do not treat the true cause of this symptom. The duration of therapy described by the device should not exceed three (in rare cases, five) days. If the pain in the head persists for more than two days, then it's worth to see a specialist as soon as possible.

Consumers say that the drug "Spazgan" withheadache is the most accurate and effective remedy. This drug will certainly help with any kind of discomfort. The drug will have a more rapid effect with intravenous or intramuscular injection. Many people have these pills in their home medicine chest. If you are going to go on vacation or travel, then do not forget to take this drug with you, because no one knows when the headache will come to him.

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You have learned about an effective and inexpensive drug,which can quickly remove the headache. In addition, the medicine has antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect. You can buy it in a pharmacy without a prescription. Remember that before using any medication you need to read the instructions. If possible, consult a doctor. Do not be ill!