Nettle - medical use

Today we will analyze what isnettle. Strangely enough, the use of this herb as a valuable food is very popular. It is often used in cooking. Skillful cooks prepare delicious cabbage soup from young leaves and shoots. Take them and for making different salads, and pickling, they get a wonderful seasoning for meat dishes.

But there is another side of nettle - healing. Here nettle performs slightly different functions - acts as a hemostatic agent (incidentally, this property is recognized and traditional medicine). Still nettles have a positive effect on the blood composition, while helping to heal anemia. This herb admirably increases blood coagulability, hemoglobin, increases platelet and erythrocyte levels. It is effective in atherosclerosis, hemorrhoids, diseases of the bladder and kidneys, tuberculosis, diseases of the gallbladder and liver. It is recommended to use nettles after suffering quite serious diseases, as well as to strengthen immunity.

All these properties give the nettle its chemical composition. It contains vitamins B6, K, C, B2, B1, A, as well as pantothenic acid, calcium salts, iron, potassium, sulfur, sugar and proteins.

Nettle is extremely useful for diabetics, becausereduces the level of blood sugar, helps heal wounds and has a strong enough diuretic effect. Strengthen the body and give it the strength to resist various diseases will also help the nettle.

The application of the plant in cosmetology also hasa place. The most famous for its cosmetic effects is hair strengthening. It is known for a long time that nettles for hair are an ideal, wise decision. To do this, prepare the infusion: 3 table. l. dried leaves insist in 1 glass of steep boiling water for about 30 minutes, then carefully filter. This nettle infusion necessarily rinses the hair after they wash their shampoo. As a result, the hair not only strengthens, but also becomes stronger, shiny and accelerate its growth.

Nettles: application

Having rummaged in the literature devoted to folk medicine, you will surely find many interesting recipes for the reliable strengthening of the body, as well as its individual organs.

To improve the performance of cardiovascularsystem, use the leaves of the nettle. The use of decoction for these purposes is as follows: take 5 table. spoons of dried leaves, and boil in ½ liter. water. Take this broth 4 times a day.

If the stomach problem is also usednettle. The use of its roots helps to remove vomiting and painful symptoms. To prepare a remedy, one must take a spoonful of well-dried roots and boil them in a glass of cow's milk. Immediately need to drink ¼ of its part, and the rest is divided into parts and drink at intervals of 2 hours. Continue until the feeling of nausea disappears. With the help of nettles, too. Its use in case of painful symptoms and a disturbed cycle will help to restore and adjust, to relieve the pain.

One of the varieties of nettle is nettledioecious. The use of this species of this plant is also quite widespread. Liquid extract and infusion of nettle nettle significantly increase blood coagulability, significantly increase hemoglobin and the number of erythrocytes, have a tonic musculature of the uterus and vasoconstrictive action.

French doctors have determined that nettle is very effective in chronic and acute enteritis and with long-term diarrhea in tuberculosis patients.

Fresh young nettles, the application of which, toopopular, used for rubbing with fever and rheumatism. Juice from fresh young leaves is used in the presence of stones in the kidney and liver, lung disease, paralysis and fever.

After analyzing all the properties of nettle, we can say that it is quite deservedly used in medicine.