Acupressure with a cold. The main points of massage with a cold. Treatment of a cold in children

Burning in the nose, the appearance of abundant mucous membranessecretions, constant sneezing - all known symptoms of a common cold. The causes of its occurrence are viral infections, for example, influenza or measles. Zalozhennost can be the result of allergic reactions of the body or a disease such as rhinitis (inflammation of the nasal mucosa). All known sprays and drops are not always available. In addition, too frequent use of them is addictive. But a remedy like acupressure with a cold is familiar to everyone, although its effectiveness is quite high.

Energy points

Acupuncture treatment is already knownquite a long time ago. Eastern physicians noticed that there are many areas on the human body, the impact on which special needles or other manipulations in the area of ​​so-called acupuncture points, for example massage, can affect the work of certain human organs and change the general well-being of the patient.

acupressure with a cold

The places of entry and exit of vital energy,Each person has influence on the work of a particular system. These acupuncture points (AT) are located on invisible lines. When exposed to these areas, there is an increase in blood circulation in an organ that is subject to a certain energy zone.

The principle of Chinese medicine is thatthe basis of human health is the harmony of internal energy. Life forces flow through certain channels through acupuncture points. And the essence of the treatment is to regulate the quality and amount of energy passing through the AT, by stimulating the necessary areas. Long-term exposure to certain points has a beneficial effect on human organs and helps to cure the disease.

Acupressure with a cold is a way to get rid of an ailment forever

Frequently recurring colds,accompanied by nasal congestion, can develop into a chronic form. And with this kind of cold it is quite difficult to completely recover and restore the function of the mucous membrane. In addition, the constant use of drugs (drops or sprays) leads to addiction. As a result, the body stops responding to the constituent components of the drugs, and there is no relief.

To achieve truly visible resultsin the treatment of chronic forms of the common cold (or if you want to get rid of the unpleasant symptoms of a cold as soon as possible), medication therapy should be carried out in conjunction with other procedures. Acupressure with a cold is a way to strengthen the action of drugs and most quickly achieve the desired result.

massage with cold

Basic rules of massage

1. To begin treatment it is necessary at occurrence of the first signs of disease. It is in this case that the procedure yields the expected result. And the effect that acupressure will bring with a runny nose will be noticeable in a few days.

2. Warm hands. The procedure should not cause any discomfort. Massage is carried out with warm hands, soft, relaxed fingers. Sensations should not be painful. There may be a slight feeling of aches, which appears when the right pressure is applied to the desired point. During the session, you must ensure that the skin is not injured.

3. The duration of treatment is ten days. Acupuncture points are exposed for 10 minutes, and the procedure is performed three times a day. Movements are pressing and rotational (clockwise), slow and continuous.

4. The main contraindications are high body temperature (more than 37.5 ° C), irritated, reddened skin in the area of ​​energy points. The inflammatory process of the skin makes the treatment procedure painful and useless, and often leads to the opposite result.

The main points of massage with a cold

Points of massage with a cold

The main acupuncture areas that affect the functions of the nose are, of course, on the face:

- Pair points at the beginning of the eyebrow (D) toboth sides of the bridge of the nose. It is necessary to understand that they are located on the supraorbital bone. Patients often confuse these AT with those who are responsible for headaches and eye fatigue. They are under the eyebrow.

- Points located on the wings, or rather at the upper end of the lateral groove of the nose wing (E). Pressing on this AT, you can feel the bottom of a small bone.

- Points located between the lower bounds of the wings of the nose and the upper lip (slightly above the middle) (F).

Massage in children

Infants are particularly susceptible to various infections. A young organism that has not yet formed its protective functions, reacts strongly to viruses and pathogenic bacteria. And medicines for children are not the best friend. Many mothers are trying to treat their babies with the help of folk remedies. Therefore, so often the question arises as to whether it is possible to do acupressure with a cold in children.

Such a procedure is permissible, most importantly, to observe the basic rules for its implementation. Massage is carried out with the influence of a small force of fingers on certain areas.

ATs located on the face are the same as those that wereare described above. But do not take into account only these points. There are other areas on the body, the impact on which will have a beneficial effect in the treatment of the common cold both infants and adults. These are symmetrical points located in the middle of the ear, the AT located in the center of the parietal region, the place where the neck and head merge.

Points on the hands are between the thumb and forefinger, and also on the wrists on the inside. On the feet they are located on the surface of the feet, mainly on the heels.

Acupressure with a cold in children

Massage for infants will not only healinfluence, he will calm the baby and help him to fall asleep. However, starting the procedure, you need to consult with a specialist for lack of contraindications and to study the necessary literature so that your treatment does not harm the child.

Trying to get rid of discomfort,arising during illness, it is not necessary to be limited only to the use of medicines. Additional procedures will help to recover quickly. Acupressure not only contributes to recovery, it activates the vital forces of the body and normalizes human energy resources.