What vitamins are contained in lemon? How much in a lemon is vitamin C?

Attracting the yellowness and ideal form of thisfruit attracts attention, and memories of its taste qualities make many curl, and some - to dream of a delicious and fragrant tea. In the cold seasons, the demand for it is growing significantly, because it helps to cope with respiratory diseases. Probably, many already guessed that we are talking about a lemon. So what is this colorful fruit, and also what vitamins are contained in lemon, we will discuss in our article.

what vitamins are contained in lemon

It has long been proven that the lemon is veryuseful for the human body and contains in its composition a huge amount of useful vitamins, which are necessary to maintain immunity and to resist many colds. One of them is C, or ascorbic acid, the content of which is a lemon practically champion. So how much vitamin C in a lemon, and also what quantity contains in this fruit of other not less useful substances, we will consider in the table.

Vitamin composition

VitaminsAmount of mg per 100 g of product
IN 10.04
AT 20.02
AT 50.2
AT 60.06
AT 99



What vitamins are contained in lemon, their detailed description of what they are useful for our body, consider below.

Carotene plays an important role in all exchangeprocesses that occur in our body, while replenishing human needs for vitamin A. It is very important for growth, so it is so necessary for the child's body.

Group B

B1, or thiamine, provides a normal exchangecarbohydrates in the brain, liver and other equally important organs. Thanks to its useful properties, our body struggles with fatigue, depression, poor appetite, lack of energy and strength. Vitamin B1 protects the gallbladder and liver from the formation of stones and sand in them, slows down the aging of nerve cells, improves memory and thinking processes, it is not for nothing that it is called a "vitamin for memory and brain." It also increases immunity, improves the digestive organs, removes the inflammatory reaction of the skin (lichen, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema), helps during pregnancy and lactation, and has analgesic properties.

how much vitamin c in lemon

B2, or riboflavin, is indispensable for ourorganism. It protects the retina, preventing the development of cataracts, is responsible for the development of stress hormones by the body, improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system (ischemic disease, vasospasm, transfer of the infarction).

Below we will consider what vitamins are contained in the lemon yet, as well as their useful properties for the human body.

B5, or pantothenic acid, promotesdevelopment of the body and growth, helps cells produce energy and does not grow old, therefore, at the first signs of aging, it is recommended to take vitamin B5. In addition, he also struggles with skin enemies, for example, with allergies, repairs the nervous system, improves fat and carbohydrate metabolism, participates in the creation of hormones of the adrenal cortex.

what vitamins in lemon

B6, or pyridoxine, is very important in pregnancy,as well as with the intake of certain estrogenic drugs by women. Men B6 is necessary in case of regular use of steroid medicines. To the young generation this vitamin will help get rid of acne. B6 also helps with insomnia, memory failures, lack of immunity.

B9, or folic acid, is simply necessary(prevents intrauterine fetal anomalies), participates in the formation of new blood cells, monitors the level of hemoglobin in the blood, normalizes gastric acidity, affects the functions of the liver and intestines, calms the nervous system, raises the mood, gives optimism, increases vitality, carries out a rush of energy.

What vitamins are in the lemon. in addition to the above, we consider below.

Vitamin PP is necessary for us for hair, skin, eyes,work of the liver, provides strength and work capacity of the nervous system, helps in dealing with stressful situations, improves blood circulation, reduces the risk of Alzheimer's syndrome, cataracts, migraine, depression, dizziness, alcohol dependence.

And, finally, vitamin C. It is very important for our body. And how much vitamin C in lemon? This fruit by its content is practically a champion (75 mg per 100 grams of product). Vitamin C helps fight colds, rheumatism, tuberculosis, eliminates allergies, bleeding gums, effectively fights worms, and also increases immunity and mood, splits cholesterol and removes it from the body.

Than micronutrients which contains a lemon are useful

What kind of vitamin contains this wonderful fruit, we have already figured out, now we will pay attention to useful substances.

Trace ElementsAmount of mg per 100 g of product

Potassium allows muscles to contract, exercisecontrol over heart rate, regulation of pressure, removes toxins from the body, protects from strokes, depressions, and supplies the brain with oxygen.

Calcium is necessary for bone growth, has a sedative and soothing effect.

Sodium regulates neuromuscular activity, maintains water-salt balance, provides substances in the blood, a soluble state, is responsible for the delivery of nutrients to the organs.

Phosphorus is involved in the most important processes occurring in our body, in energy exchange processes, and is a part of important biological compounds.

Magnesium is a regulator of cell growth,allows you to remove from the body unnecessary substances, increases the level of useful cholesterol in the blood, softens the effects of premenstrual syndrome, has a vasodilating effect.

Iron is involved in the transport of oxygen fromlungs in the tissue, as well as in the hematopoiesis, provides the body with energy, normalizes the work of the nervous and muscular system, struggles with fatigue, anemia.

lemon which contains vitamins

The Benefits of Lemon

Contained vitamins in the lemon allow antiseptic action, protect the tissue from decay, kill harmful bacteria, fight diseases that affect the respiratory tract.

Tea with lemon has an invaluable benefit to a cold, it helps to normalize body temperature, because it has long been known that lemon has excellent sweatshops.

vitamins in lemon

If you add its juice to face masks, you can get rid of acne, improve skin color, and slow down the aging process.

Loss of lemon

Despite the fact, how many and what vitaminsare contained in lemon, the acid in this fruit can cause some harm to the body. Therefore, the lemon should be used with caution in its pure form for those with a stomach ulcer, hypericidal gastritis, ulcer of the duodenum.

Lemon for teeth

Very often lemon is used in dentistry. It is an excellent remedy for bleeding gums, and can also produce a whitening effect and rid of plaque. But on the other hand, citric acid, contained in lemon, can destroy tooth enamel. Therefore, dentists recommend that after applying lemon juice or the products containing it, use a restorative paste and a brush with soft bristles.

lemon for teeth

On the question of what vitamins in lemoncontain, and also what useful trace elements are in the composition of this bright fruit, we answered in detail in our article. From the above, we can conclude - eat lemon in moderate amounts and always be healthy!