First-aid kit is an indispensable attribute

The first-aid kit is known to representativesthe older generation of people very well. During the times of the Soviet Union, when all of us were in a state of permanent cold war, this means of protection should have been at every enterprise, in every educational institution and even in homes. The first-aid kit was a minimal set of medications that could be useful to people in case of war.

First Aid Kit AI-2

But every year, the requirements for protecting healthpeople are changing. So, even until recently, there was an obligatory first-aid kit AI-2, which was intended to provide mutual assistance and self-help when weapons of mass destruction were involved. It was supposed to help with some infectious diseases, fractures, burns and wounds. It contained an antidote (a radioactive protection against nuclear attack), an antibacterial agent and an anti-chemical package designed to repel an attack with nerve agents.

First Aid Kit (foreign)
In 2005 the Ministry of Emergency Measures of the Russian Federation issued an order, according to whichall formations were required to purchase the number of their own personnel for first-aid kit individual AI-4. They should have all power structures, emergency services, army units. The first-aid kit AI-4 has a set of medicines needed to protect the peaceful population. It has a radioprotective, antibacterial, anti-chemical and antitoxic agent.

The first-aid kit is individual, the composition of whichis represented by the most modern and most effective means of protection, can be used as a reserve for emergencies. It, as well as AI-2, is a plastic box of bright orange color (9x10x2 cm) with a cross on the lid. Inside it in separate cells there are small plastic containers with medications and detailed instructions for their use. It is packed in a plastic bag, which indicates the date and place of its production. There are 3 types of equipment AI-4. In the first aid kit, in addition to the above drugs, the following medicines are included: analgesic, antibacterial drugs # 1 and # 2, antiemetic, reserve antidote.

First Aid Kit (composition)
Unfortunately, the domestic representativesrescue services for many years do not even try to somehow diversify the composition of the first-aid kit individual. Unlike Russian medical devices designed to minimize the consequences of emergencies, a lot of attention is paid to drug packaging abroad. Unlike ours, the foreign medicine chest is individual (in different countries the equipment is somewhat different) contains not only drugs that protect against weapons of mass destruction, but also many other means of protecting human health, which are more likely to be useful in any extreme situation, for example, natural or technogenic catastrophe.