Veneers: reviews, recommendations for use

It often happens that a person has good,strong teeth, but their color is far from perfect. Whatever you bleach, the natural enamel remains yellowish-gray and spoils the impression of a well-groomed face. Or, for example, there are gaps between teeth. In youth, it looks mischievous and even coquettish, but with age, the distance between the teeth can increase. To such defects, which are difficult to conceal, and there is no possibility of treatment, include a seal different in color from the real tooth. It seems that the seal is intact, and the material is good, and removing it from the tooth and changing it to a new one is fraught with complications. What to do in this case?

veneers reviews
It's no secret that much of what is connected withbeauty and aesthetics, is made and invented in Hollywood. Porcelain lining, which came up to fix on top of the tooth, immediately solved a lot of problems of cosmetic properties: these lining (veneers), first, could conceal the true color of the enamel; secondly, they helped those who have enamel sensitivity, and people were deprived the possibility of eating normal food for eating hot or cold temperatures without discomfort and pain. Such overlays have relieved from tortures of people with too enamel susceptible to temperatures. Veneers, the reviews were admired, quickly spread all over the world. These pads are installed on both crowns and live teeth, requiring correction. They are fixed with special glue, and they are selected either from the impression made in advance, or directly in the dentist's office.

Hollywood veneers reviews
Hollywood veneers - reviews on them the mostpositive. These are extremely thin and extremely durable plates that allow any person after their installation to smile in all 32 teeth. They are perfectly cleaned with ordinary toothpaste, do not darken over time, they are finally smooth, unlike composite veneers, and do not require polishing. Hollywood veneers reflect light, and such a smile is deservedly called dazzling. In addition, they are incredibly thin and absolutely not felt in the mouth! Veneers, reviews that range from positive to uncertain, are those that are made of composite materials. These are not porcelain ceramic veneers - they should be polished about once every six months. They are not so thin and smooth, and after five or seven years they will become worthless, they will have to be changed.

ceramic veneers
Made from porcelain veneers reviews havethe most excellent. They are smooth, like a real tooth, as much as possible to mask the darkened enamel and can visually correct the bite in one session at the dentist. To make and try on this veneer, you need about a week. During this time, the tooth is prepared, made from it, and an individual veneer is produced in the laboratory. Those who put themselves such veneers, reviews leave great! These veneers are characterized by ease of wearing and convenience, as well as an incredible visual and psychological effect. People become more confident in themselves, because a good snow-white smile is also a professional approach to their appearance, which the business partner can not fail to appreciate.

And, finally, it's just beautiful! After all, when you open in a smile 32 absolutely smooth, snow-white teeth, the spirit captures! Teeth, white and even - it should be a long time ago not a luxury, but a norm of life.