Antibacterial drug "Furazolidon". Indications for use

The drug "Furazolidon" is a medicine,who found effective use to combat all sorts of infections. This pharmaceutical, a derivative of nitrofuran, is called a broad-range drug.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Furazolidon". Indications for use

On the positive effect that causes the receptiondrug "Furazolidon", every patient to whom he is prescribed as a medicine should know. The group of diseases in which a drug is prescribed includes gastrointestinal diseases such as giardiasis, paratyphoid, dysentery, trichomonas colpitis and other infections. The drug "Furazolidon" also helps with cystitis.

The spectrum of the drug includesgram-positive cocci, like staphylococci, streptococci, as well as gram-negative rods: salmonella, klebsiella, enterobacteria and others. In diseases caused by these bacteria, the drug "Furazolidon" is prescribed.

Indication for the use of the drug is notare limited to the listed diseases. In some cases, it is prescribed externally with infected wounds, burns. The effectiveness of the drug is noted even in the treatment of chronic alcoholism.

The drug "Furazolidon" in pregnancy

In the period of gestation, the use of the drugshould be made in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. The specialist analyzes the situation and compares the need for medication treatment with a risk for the development of the child. Indication is only the absolute predominance of the former over the second.

During lactation it is recommended to stop takingof the drug, since the peculiarity of nitrofuran, the active substance of the drug, is its penetration into breast milk, which often causes methaemoglobinemia or hemolytic anemia in the baby.

The drug "Furazolidon" with cystitis

Nitrofurans have one distinctivefeature - they show activity even to those bacteria that develop resistance to antibiotics when they are used for a long time. High effectiveness of the drug "Furazolidon" and in the treatment of cystitis is noted.

The doctor prescribes the drug for exacerbationschronic disease, and among the whole group of nitrofurans, the advantage is given precisely to the described drug because of its low toxicity in comparison with other medicines.

When cystitis tablets appoint 1 pc. per day, divided into 4 receptions. Treatment is carried out until complete recovery, which for this disease is considered problematic. A greater effect will bring the reception of this drug in combination with physiotherapy, the reception of herbal infusions. Preventive measures are considered to be particularly effective.

Pharmaceutical preparation "Furazolidon". Contraindications

Special sensitivity to active nitrofuranis the reason for the cancellation of treatment with Furazolidone. It is also not recommended to give babies under 1 month of age. The list of contraindications, in addition, includes:

Chronic renal failure;

· Deficiency of glucose-6-phosphodiesterase;

· Liver disease;

• damage to the nervous system;

Lactose insufficiency.

If the patient's work is related to drivingcar or with dangerous mechanisms, the doctor should cancel the reception of the drug "Furazolidon". Indications for use in such cases include the replacement of the drug with a suitable analog.

The drug "Furazolidon". Ways of reception

Treatment with the drug is made in accordance with the appointment of the doctor and the type of disease. Usually it is taken orally, with plenty of liquids, preferably after eating.

In some cases, an external reception of the drug "Furazolidone" is prescribed. Indications for use in this case include the treatment of wounds, burns with an aqueous solution of 1: 25,000.