Nemeth right hand - think about the health of the spine

When numbness of limbs, a person feelssome stiffness in movement and loss of sensitivity of the skin. This phenomenon is often accompanied by tingling, burning, chilliness. If the discomfort caused by these unpleasant sensations quickly passes, it can be caused by a sharp movement or, conversely, a long stillness in an uncomfortable pose. If this phenomenon happens often, then this is a symptom of the disease. The list of such diseases is great, but the most frequent and serious causes of limb numbness are osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernia, circulatory disorders, nerve infringement, rheumatoid arthritis. Only a doctor can determine the cause of numbness and prescribe a treatment.

Recently, doctors are increasingly being approachedyoung people with the question: "Why does the right arm grow numb, or is it all from the shoulder to the fingers, or just the fingers?" Feelings are described as a feeling of stiffness, stiffness. Sometimes the patient complains of pain in the elbow or carpal joints. Loss of mobility of the fingers, as a rule, gives more concern.

The fact is that in the risk group are people,a lot of time spending at the computer. They have numbness in the right arm due to the constant tension of certain muscles, squeezing the nerve channel. This is a carpal tunnel syndrome. This disease affects not only those who work at the computer, but also those whose profession is associated with the daily same type of movement of the hand - seamstresses, painters, carpenters. These professions existed for a long time, nevertheless carpal joint syndrome before the 80s of the last century was not widely spread.

The reason that the right arm grows dumb, andMore specifically, the fingers of the hand, in that from the intense tension there is swelling of the tendons. The nerve, responsible for the sensitivity of the palm and fingers, runs along the same narrow channel as the tendons. Edema compresses the nerve, which leads to numbness.

When the right hand, temporary for the first time, grows numbthe termination of work and easy massage can help. But, like any disease, the syndrome goes through several stages of development. Tingling, stiffness, loss of sensitivity can go into a throbbing pain. If you do not start treatment on time, you may experience severe deformity and even death of the motor muscle of your thumb.

Osteochondrosis is one of the most commondiseases in our time. He is exposed to young and old, and those who sit at the desk all the time, and those who are engaged in manual labor. The reasons that can provoke the appearance of osteochondrosis are many. We can say that his "foundation" is laid in school: a long sitting at the desk helps to form a wrong posture, provokes scoliosis. Strangely enough, intensive training in gyms, uncontrolled lifting of weights can also provoke osteochondrosis. With osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, the right arm grows numb, the pain is felt when trying to lift it, pull it back.

Osteochondrosis can be cervical and lumbar. Its cause is in infringement and inflammation of the nerve roots of different parts of the spine. It is these processes that cause the numbness of the limbs. One of the symptoms of the disease - spasms of blood vessels and, as a consequence, a violation of blood circulation.

In this case, first of all, the right arm and leg grow numb. In the extremities appears tingling or burning, painful sensations in the wrists and feet.

Osteochondrosis is a progressive disease. Pain, stiffness of movements, loss of sensitivity of the skin indicate serious problems with the spine. The use of pain medication only temporarily relieves the patient's condition. It requires complex treatment - medicines, vitamin therapy, exercise therapy, manual therapy - and necessarily under the supervision of a doctor.