"Clatid": description, instructions for use. Cheap analogue of "Clatida"

In our time, taking antibiotics is considered the mosteffective treatment of diseases resulting in the development of drug-resistant bacterial elements. Due to weak immunity, incorrect self-treatment, we are sometimes able to bring our body to a too deplorable state - strong inflammatory processes. And to influence this can only be a very effective tool.

Today, antibiotics can be ascribed toadults, and children. The situation with these drugs is very concerned parents, because often the reception of such funds is unreasonable, and the children's body is inclined to get used to certain of their types, which in the end can reduce the physiological defense of the body or cause a general lack of immunity. So, in prescriptions of many modern doctors very often there is such a medicine as "Clacid". Why is this antibiotic so highly recommended by many doctors and pediatricians and how safe is its use? Let's look at it together.

What is the drug Klacid and what is its value?

So, as mentioned above, this is an antibiotica wide range of actions that is attributed to adults and children. When it is used, as in cases with other medicinal products, you need to be extremely cautious and take medicine only as prescribed by your doctor. Self-medication with antibiotics is extremely dangerous. Always observe the dose of the medication at the time of admission, as specified in the product instructions.

Antibiotic "Clacid" refers to the semisyntheticgroup of macrolides. It effectively destroys the protein base of bacteria, thus disinfecting the affected inflamed areas of the human body. This drug is very effective in suppressing aerobic and anaerobic microorganisms. Today, this drug is often used by doctors in medical practice, because it is very effective in influencing the standard strains of bacteria and identifying their new types.

You can buy the drug "Clatid" in anymodern pharmacy retail network. The average cost of packing tablets is six hundred rubles, suspension - four hundred rubles, bottles for intravenous administration of the drug - seven hundred rubles.

Here is such a scale of prices for effectiveantibiotic "Klacid", the price for which varies depending on the content of the active substance in mg. Many patients are not happy with the high cost, so they carefully select an analogue of this drug.

You can use analogues instead of the drug "Clacid" cheaper, but this does not guarantee such a quick relief effect, which is observed when taking clarithromycin.

Because this medicine acts on certainstrains of bacteria, it can be used during their direct treatment, or in combination with other medications, often with antibiotics that are capable of affecting clarithromycin-resistant microorganisms more effectively.

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Often doctors attribute two antibiotics due to one hundred percent influence on various bacteria that cause inflammatory processes with complications.

Pharmacological properties of the drug

The active substance of clarithromycin, whichcontains in its composition the antibiotic Clacid, is today the most effective in destroying harmful microorganisms resistant to standard types of antibiotics.

The list of bacteria affected by the drug,includes the following: staphylococci, streptococci, gonorrhea, Listeria monocytogenes, Legionella pneumophila, Mycoplasma pneumoniae, Mycobacterium kansasii, Mycobacterium fortuitum, Chlamydia pneumoniae (TWAR). Their large list is always indicated in detail in the original instructions to the drug.

When taking this medicine, the physiologicalthe condition of patients often does not worsen, it remains stable after a prescribed course of treatment for several days, despite the complexity of the course of the disease.

Course of treatment with antibiotic "Clacid" can lastfrom three to fourteen days. As with the appointment of other drugs, the doctor weighs all the pros and cons of taking a potent drug, especially during the appointment to the child.

At what ailments is it recommended to take an antibiotic?

This drug is prescribed duringtreatment of lower respiratory tract infections. It is expedient to take the drug for acute bronchitis and pulmonary pneumonia. It is very effective in the treatment of infections of the upper respiratory tract and ENT organs, often it is prescribed for pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and sinusitis. Also susceptible to treatment with this antibiotic skin infections, especially developing in soft tissues. They are treated with folliculitis, leprosy, face, inflammation of the subcutaneous tissue.

Effective drug in the treatment of ulcersduodenal ulcers, and very often it is prescribed for HIV-infected patients. Irreplaceable is the drug "Clacid" in the fight against hemophilia and syphilis.

This remedy is an aid in the destruction of localized, odontogenic and disseminated infections.

The drug "Klacid" for children is often prescribed for acute leaks of otitis, whooping cough, and scarlet fever. Not an exception are complex inflammatory purulent processes in the throat.

The drug "Clacid" with angina is prescribed only if it is sure of its bacterial origin.

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Forms of antibiotic release for adults

Tablets "Clatid" are intended for admissionadult patients. The manufacturer carefully approached the question of dosing the drug. Meet it in pharmacies can be in the form of tablets of 250 mg, called "Clacid SR" - 500 mg, powdered mass for the preparation of a solution for intravenous administration with a dropper with a single dose of 500 mg of clarithromycin.

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So, tablets and solution for dripAre forms that are designed to receive an antibiotic by adults. In deciding which form of this medicine to prescribe, the doctor is guided primarily by the complexity of the diagnosis delivered to the patient.

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Forms of production of children's medicine "Clacid"

Antibiotics prescribed for children have the formdry powder, which is diluted with boiled warm water to obtain a suspension. It is taken in the proportions indicated in the instruction. The medicine in question is not an exception. The drug "Clacid" is prescribed for children in the form of a fruit powder, which can be easily diluted in a few minutes by preparing a suspension with a pleasant aroma and sweet taste.

klatsid children

In pharmacies, you can find bottles of 30-60 ml or 100 ml.

Packaging always contains a measuring spoon, a glass or a syringe. You can buy an antibiotic in the form of a powder with a concentration of active ingredient 125 mg or 250 mg per 5 ml.

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The auxiliary components that are included in theantibiotic composition for children, - castor oil, hypromellose phthalate, citric acid, fruity flavor, xanthan gum, carbomer, povidone K90, sucrose.

The diluted solution of the suspension is stored for only two weeks. Therefore, it is necessary to always write on the vial the date of dilution of the powder and monitor the correct storage of the resulting medicine.

Before taking the bottle with the contents is shaken carefully, as the mixture may precipitate.

Despite the fact that the drug "Clacid" dosageindicated in the instructions, the doctor can adjust it depending on the diagnosis of the patient and the reaction of his body to potent drugs. This medicine should prescribe only the doctor. No initiative in the treatment of any medication does not end well.

At what age is the "Clacid" antibioticchildren? Instructions for use say that the drug in the form of a suspension can be given to babies at the age of six months. But once again - only with the doctor's instructions.

The medicine "Klacid 250" (suspension) is prescribedto older children. Also the concentration of clarithromycin depends on the severity of the course of the disease. A suspension of Clacid 125 is suitable for the treatment of the youngest patients.

Diluted antibiotic powder is prescribed up tothree years of age. Tablets "Clacid" can not be bitten, they need to be swallowed. But children because of their small age and inability to take medicine can not cope with this task, so the manufacturer focused on the release of a powdery form of antibiotic, which is pleasant to most small patients with its pleasant taste and aroma.

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Today, prescriptions of doctors can containsimultaneous reception of two antibiotics - Flemoxin + Clacid. This point raises many questions among parents. Why take two antibiotics at the same time? And this is done in case of complications with the aim to simultaneously influence the bacteria that the Clacid drug can be damaging to, and those that clarithromycin can not destroy.

In what cases is it not recommended to take an antibiotic?

Contraindicated use of the drug "Clatid" along with such drugs as "Astemizol", "Pimozid", "Cytopride", "Terfenadine", "Ergotamine", "Dihydroergotamine", "Midazolam."

It is unacceptable to take this antibiotic in cases of ventricular arrhythmia and tachycardia. Contraindicated drug also with severe degree of liver failure and against a background of renal failure.

It is unacceptable to take this medication in cases of cholestatic jaundice in history, which is caused by the use of clarithromycin.

Hypersensitivity to the components of this drug is also the basis for refusing to use it during treatment.

It is possible to use this medicine, but with great care and evaluating all the risks of side effects, with an average renal and heart failure.

If this drug is contraindicated, doctors carefully select a more sparing analogue, "Clatid" in this case is not used.

Antibiotics and pregnancy

Women in the situation should be cautious aboutTake any medication, be it potent remedies or conventional herbal drops for the nose. Components contained in modern medicines may cause unforeseen reactions.

To receive an antibiotic, especially during the development of the fetus in the womb of the mother, a competent doctor must indicate which, depending on the diagnosis, can foresee the development of the situation.

As for the potent substance of the antibiotic "Clacid", it is forbidden to use it at all during the "interesting situation". This moment should be remembered forever. Do not joke with antibiotics!

Side effects, the cause of which may be a drug "Clacid"

To all potent antibiotics and notonly it is necessary to be treated as a one-time remedy for alleviating the general physiological state during the course of complex ailments. Despite the high effectiveness of the drug, it also has a negative side. What drugs "Clacid" side effects can provoke during treatment of the ailments specified in the instructions for use of the drug?

So, a potent substance can bethe cause of allergic reactions in the form of rash, dermatitis, urticaria, skin itching. When taking the antibiotic Clacid, headaches, loss of consciousness, dizziness and insomnia, anxious anxiety and drowsiness, increased excitability, confusion, disorientation, depression and apathy, hallucinations, paresthesia are possible.

Often in many patients with this medication there is increased sweating, hemorrhages. Many lose appetite and develop anorexia.

A frequent reaction to the drug is vomiting,nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, exacerbation of gastritis, stomatitis, constipation and bloating, dryness in the mouth, hepatitis, jaundice. If such signs make themselves felt, you should immediately stop taking the antibiotic and take a course of treatment prescribed by your doctor.

Frequent cases of exacerbation of asthma, nosebleeds, thromboembolism of the pulmonary artery.

Many who have taken at least once this drug, complain of a change in taste when eating. Some patients lose their acuity.

The above-mentioned defects can manifest themselves in a complex variant in HIV-infected people.

That's why this drug should be treated withfull understanding, you need to know what it is, especially if it is assigned to children. A strong antibiotic can replace a less effective analogue. "Clatid" should be used only for the purpose of a specialist, so as not to harm neither his physical condition nor the health of his children. This applies to drugs that replace this drug.

Application in medical practice of expensivemeans "Clacid" (analogous cheaper by half) is fully justified by the fact that standard antibiotics can not cope with the influx of more and more new bacteria.

What should I do if I overdose?

Very often, especially during the treatment of children,parents do not pay enough attention to the dosage of the medicine. And many adults, switching to treatment with potent drugs, without using them earlier, can do themselves harm, independently doubling the dose with the thought that it would help better. But with antibiotics you can not joke, because an overdose can even lead to a fatal outcome!

This problem is more relevant today than ever. Whether the analogue is accepted, "Klacid" itself, in many cases their overdose is observed. Especially such situations are frequent at the time of the first prescription of drugs. The causes of overdose are negligence of patients, non-compliance with the prescribing doctor and inattention when reading the instructions to the drug.

Symptoms of overdose are very similar to the side effects of the antibiotic, such as nausea, vomiting, general weakness, changes in mental state, chills.

The main method of combating overdose of thisThe drug is the purification of the gastrointestinal tract from the components of the drug. You can do this at home using absorbent materials - activated carbon and "Atoxil" powder.

Acceptable analogues of antibiotic "Clacid"

So, a new type of drug canto influence a large number of bacteria, but its only drawback in comparison with the benefits it brings is value. In pharmacies for the antibiotic of wide action "Clacid" the price reaches eight hundred rubles. However, a competent treating doctor will never prescribe a drug without making sure in the diagnosis itself. After all, this medicine works only on the bacteria of infectious infections specified in the instruction.

With the correct diagnosis, you canuse and analogue. "Klacid" for bacterial angina can be replaced with the antibiotic "Penicillin", as well as its improved forms - the powder for dilution of the suspension "Amoxiclav", capsules "Amoxicillin", tablets "Solutab" and "Flemoxin", syrup "Augmentin". Admission of the described drug occurs in severe cases of diseases and in cases where the above analogs have no effect.

If the price does not suit the antibiotic Klacid,analogs are always possible to choose. But there will be from them the same positive effect, as from the drug considered in this article, only the doctor can argue.

Analog ("Clatid" has several of them) is selectedon pharmacological properties of drugs. So, very often, instead of this drug, such antibiotics are used on the basis of clarithromycin, like tablets "Klabaks" or "Clarbakt", "Ecositrin", and also "Clerimed".

Is on sale in pharmacies and analogue of thisa drug called "Clarithromycin", that is identical to the active substance of the antibiotic "Clacid", its value does not exceed two hundred rubles. Many people have a question about why doctors are not attributing it, and the emphasis is on an expensive medication. The answer has one explanation. Antibiotic "Clacid" is a high-quality medication of foreign manufacture, whereas the drug "Clarithromycin" is often its counterfeit containing less active substance than the original. Therefore, to achieve a 100% therapeutic effect, doctors focus on the Clacid, although they do not exclude the use of similar, cheaper drugs.

So, having examined all the properties of the new antibiotic, you understand why he today won the trust of many doctors and so often occurs in their prescription appointments.

Despite the many positive properties,take it strictly according to the doctor's prescription during infectious complications, which are not amenable to treatment with standard medications. Frequent "friendship" with antibiotics can play a cruel joke with the formation of immunity as such. So be careful of those medicines that are prescribed to you and your children, regardless of age. And in any case do not buy them at your own discretion, without visiting the doctor.