Cinnamon: benefit, harm or just a pleasant fragrance?

When the word "spices" is spoken, immediately in memorythere is something very small, friable. It is quite difficult to imagine that one of the most delicious seasonings, cinnamon, is made from the bark of a mighty tree. It grows under the hot southern tropical sun. It is this sun that reflects so much in the taste of cinnamon that life seems brighter and sweeter.

For the production of spices, a crushed wood bark is used.

The two most popular varieties are:

  • Ceylon
  • Cassia

The most valuable is Ceylon cinnamon.

Today, cinnamon is used in folk medicine, cosmetology and aromatherapy.

In Chinese medicine, cinnamon is used for colds and flatulence as one of the main means.

Cinnamon with diabetes.

There are no unused plants in the world. Cinnamon is good for many people in the world suffering from diabetes.

It can reduce insulin sensitivity and slightly lower blood sugar levels. Doctors recommend to include it with diabetes in the daily diet, adding to cereals, coffee, tea.

When bile salts are removed, the use of cinnamon is to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood. So, a daily norm can be considered 0.5 teaspoon, which equals 1 gram.

Cinnamon after a heart attack.

Another category of the population in need ofcinnamon daily - these are people who survived a heart attack. It has been scientifically proven that cinnamon in combination with honey nourishes the entire circulatory system and has a beneficial effect on the heart muscle.

Cinnamon for weight loss.

Nutritionists recommend tea with cinnamon and honey forlosing weight. In this respect, doctors are in solidarity with them. The fact is that cinnamon and honey cleanse the intestines of parasites and bacteria that can inhibit the normal process of digestion. With proper adjustment of the digestive tract, weight loss is possible.

It is necessary to prepare tea in advance. Cinnamon is filled with steep boiling water. Approximately in 0,5 hours, as the infusion will cool, you can add honey. Cinnamon and honey are added in a ratio of 1: 2. The finished mixture must be placed in the refrigerator. The first method is better to start in the morning: 0.5 cup in the morning, 0.5 cup in the evening. Then drink 0.5 cup of this miraculous drink at night must become a habit. Since the gastrointestinal tract will work better, the metabolism will improve, losing weight will become an achievable goal.

Such tea should be drunk only in the evening before bedtime.

Benefits of cinnamon in that she:

  • Improves the work of the brain
  • Increases attention
  • Strengthens the visual memory
  • Clears the body of toxins
  • Warms during colds and flu
  • Normalizes blood circulation
  • Reduces total body weight
  • Accelerates the reaction

Benefits and harm of cinnamon.

But not always cinnamon is good. Nutritionists in no way allow their patients to use this spice in bakery products. Everything that has been baked in combination with cinnamon, will not bring any benefit to the body. The benefits of cinnamon can be in the neighborhood with juices, cottage cheese, coffee.

It is impossible to assert unconditionally that cinnamon is a benefit in any quantities. It is in the case of large doses that it can cause a breakdown, depression, and even severe headaches.

Sometimes they can argue with the statement "cinnamon -benefits "and cosmetologists.Masks for the face, which includes cinnamon in combination with grapefruit, it is necessary to withstand exactly the time indicated by the cosmetologist.Exceeding the time parameter can affect the skin condition after the procedure and even cause burns.

Cinnamon: benefit and harm - speaking of the proportionality of these concepts, you can not clearly distinguish these characteristics. If the cinnamon is used in reasonable quantities, it can not do any harm to almost anyone. The exception is allergic. But the allergy to cinnamon in its pure form is rare. And the benefit with skillful use is obvious.