Prevention of atherosclerosis

Atherosclerotic lesion of the vessel walls arises as a result of excessive accumulation of low density lipoproteins in the blood, from which plaques form.

The scientists noted that even in some newborn babies, on the pathoanatomical autopsy, the presence of cholesterol strips on the vessel wall can be detected.

This only indicates that the mother is not eating properly during pregnancy, and by her behavior provokes the development of this kind of pathology in the future child.

How can you protect yourself and your loved ones from excessive cholesterol in your blood?

Prevention of atherosclerosis should begin as early as infancy. This is a rather complex and routine process that requires certain character traits from a person.

The fact is that there is no "magica pill that you can drink and not get sick. A person should almost completely rebuild his life, habits. In some situations, you must abandon most of the things that you really love. If you are ready, then proceed.

Prevention of atherosclerosis is directed, firstlyturn, to minimize the risk of the formation of this process in your offspring. The fact is that even if a person does some daily actions, changes his life, the existing cholesterol plaques (especially the old ones) are very hard to pull out. Of course, eliminating the etiological factor will reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease, especially the emergency plan, but not cleanse the body completely.

So start today, that tomorrow be a step closer to health.

What will be the main prevention? Atherosclerosis is one of the diseases requiring an integrated approach. First you need to change the image of food. Basically, all fats (cholesterol) come into the body with food, and with the wrong food. These are all kinds of smoked meat, fatty meat, poor quality sausages, chicken eggs and bakery products.

Accordingly, a person should monitor the fact thathe eats not to develop atherosclerosis. Prevention will consist in the use of quality drinks in the required amount. Did you know that a person needs to drink 2 liters of clean water a day. Soda, nectars and other dubious liquids are not recorded. All of them have the property of "clutter up" vessels.

If you have extra pounds, or you suffer from obesity, then you just need to get rid of fat deposits urgently, because atherosclerosis develops, first of all, in obese people.

Prevention of atherosclerosis is also regularexercise and physical work. Ideal in this situation is running and fast walking for long distances. A positive action has a daily morning gymnastics. This will help you be toned all day, and the vessels will be "trained".

Do not be left without attention in the fight against the disease and bad habits. Alcohol, smoking and drugs should be stopped for life.

Of great importance is traditional medicine in the prevention of such diseases.

Prevention of atherosclerosis requires the selection of a special group of herbs, which must be taken courses.

Leaves of plantain, mint, rootgrass and many other herbs will help purify blood vessels, and will not allow cholesterol to settle on its walls.

It should be noted that freshly squeezed beet and carrot juice will help to increase immunity and prevent disease.

The pharmacy network presents a wide variety of teas for the prevention of atherosclerosis. They can be consumed daily instead of a drink.

And finally, it should be noted that any stress disorder can lead to the development of atherosclerosis. Therefore, try to avoid the stresses side.