Which inhaler is better: reviews and recommendations

One of the most effective ways of treatmentvarious ailments of the respiratory tract is the conduct of inhalation. Earlier this method was very inconvenient: it was required to sit over a vessel with hot steam for a long time, to wrap up, and often such procedures did not give the maximum result.

Now the market has a lot of devices thatare called inhalers, or nebulizers. They differ in form and function, and their assortment is so large that it can sometimes be very difficult to determine the choice. Do not know how to choose the right device and which inhaler to buy for the house? User reviews, recommendations and tips are provided in this article.


Inhalation procedures are prescribed by the doctor in the case of diseases of the upper or lower respiratory tract. The most effective they are with such ailments:

  • ARI;
  • rhinitis;
  • bronchitis;
  • asthma;
  • tonsillitis;
  • pneumonia.

Thanks to its availability, ease of use andhigh efficiency inhalation therapy can be carried out without the supervision of a doctor. Modern nebulizers (inhalers) are very compact and convenient, so they can be used without assistance, even a child. However, to determine the choice, it is necessary to know, what are inhalers.

Steam Engine

The effect of such an inhaler is based on evaporationmedicinal product, butter or herbal infusion. The most effective device for treating upper respiratory tract. In the process of inhalation, hot steam is emitted at a temperature of 50-65 degrees. It dilates blood vessels, penetrates deep layers of tissues, has a therapeutic and analgesic effect.

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However, steam inhalations have a number of contraindications. The procedure can not be carried out in the following cases:

  • high fever in the patient (above 37.5 degrees);
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • tuberculosis;
  • various heart diseases.

Ultrasonic inhaler

The device of this kind sprays the drugsolution in the form of fine aerosol particles, which, when inhaled, fall into the deepest layers of the lungs. The droplets are sprayed using ultrasound. As a result of vibrations of the membranes, the liquid turns into an aerosol and is pressurized by a compressor under pressure.

The compactness of the device makes it possible to use it inhome conditions. In some models there are special nozzles for the convenience and exact penetration of medicinal substances into all layers of the respiratory tract

Efficiency of the device

In the selection process, many users speculateabout which inhaler is better. Feedback from owners who regularly resort to the help of such a device are positive. The ultrasonic inhaler is noiseless, has high performance and introduces a large volume of medicinal substances into the respiratory tract. This contributes to the high efficiency of the procedure.

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For inhalation, you can use herbs, solutionssalts, essential oils and mineral water. In addition, many parents use this nebulizer not only in medical, but also for preventive purposes, and without using a mask. It is enough to put the working device in the room where the baby is playing or sleeping, and he will inhale the moistened air enriched with healing vapors of essential oils and medicines.

Compressor apparatus

This inhaler is often called an inkjet. Its work consists in formation of a powerful aerosol flow by means of the compressor, which under pressure throws a medicinal solution from the nebulizer chamber. There are several types of the device, which differ in the way the steam is supplied:

  • continuous output of aerosol;
  • activation at the entrance;
  • with valve regulation of the aerosol.

Does the lack of a compressor inhaler? What is the best device to buy for a house?

Disadvantages of this model

Certainly, the compression inhaler is the most popular and has its own characteristics. It is easy to use and is used to spray any medicines.

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However, this nebulizer has some disadvantages, namely:

  • The device is very bulky and bulky;
  • at work makes noise in a limit of 70 decibels;
  • works from the network, which excludes its mobility.

Despite some shortcomings, the device is widelyUsed in the treatment of diseases of the respiratory system. The main advantage of a compression inhaler is its versatility and low cost, which certainly increases its popularity and demand among consumers.

Electronic mesh nebulizer

The work of such a device is to siftdrug through a thin vibrating mesh-membrane. As a result, a dense cloud of vapor is formed, consisting of their smallest particles of the used agent.

The indisputable merits of membranenebulizer are its compactness, noiselessness and high efficiency of the procedure. The drug can be used anyway, and it is sprayed so carefully that it can penetrate the most difficult regions of the lungs and bronchi.

Which is better: a compression inhaler or a membrane inhaler?

When choosing a nebulizer for a child,take into account not only the functions and mobility of the device, but also convenience in application, as well as cost. For babies it is best to purchase small inhalers. Which is better? The testimonials of experienced parents who had the opportunity to compare several devices confirmed the high efficiency of the membrane inhaler.

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This unit does not make noise, which allowsuse it in the sleep periods of the child. Mobility device allows you to move the inhaler, combining a useful procedure with the game of the baby or watching your favorite movies. The device sprays the applied agent into minute particles, which ensures high efficiency of treatment.


Before the procedure begins, you should carefullystudy the instruction manual of the nebulizer. Some devices contribute to the destruction of drugs (under the influence of high temperature), so they only fill with saline solutions or essential oils.

For example, you purchased an ultrasound inhaler. What solutions can be used for this device? The list of medicines used in this case has limitations, since under the influence of ultrasound, the structure of most drugs is destroyed.

For ultrasonic inhaler not usedhormonal agents and antibiotics. The device is designed for spraying saline solutions, infusions of herbs, various concentrated oils and mineral water.

Attention to functions

You are facing a choice: to buy a steam or ultrasonic nebulizer? Which inhaler is best? Reviews of a negative nature mainlyThe steam engine was "collected". Under the influence of high temperature, the healing effect of medicinal products is completely neutralized, the composition is destroyed, which reduces their effectiveness. In addition, steam inhalations are contraindicated in fever and certain diseases.

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Basically for carrying out such proceduresonly essential oils are used. But the most significant drawback of this device is the low content of the substance in the evolved pair. Its concentration is not enough to conduct a full-fledged inhalation therapy, which significantly reduces the effectiveness of the treatment procedure.

The best devices

Leading positions in the ranking of the most popularCompression and membrane inhalers were used. Which is better? Comments from consumers who experienced the effects of these devices were only positive. These devices are highly effective in the treatment of various respiratory diseases. An undeniable advantage is the wide range of medicines used. These inhalers do not destroy their structure, which allows the patient to get the maximum concentration of nutrients in the secreted pair.

The disadvantage of the compression apparatus is its noise and bulkiness. The only disadvantage of a membrane inhaler is its high cost.

Use carefully!

What else do you need to know in order to make the right choice and purchase a good inhaler? What medicines can be used for procedures? This is a very important nuance.

Remember that not all devices are designed foruse of essential oils. Each patient, depending on a particular disease, the doctor prescribes the appropriate drug for inhalation therapy. You do not need to invent solutions yourself and experiment with crushed pills or improvised means!

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To dilute the drug should be usedonly saline solution. The temperature of the applied solution should not be below +20 degrees. If the doctor has appointed several different procedures, they should be held alternately, maintaining a gap of 15-20 minutes. Before using the nebulizer for the first time, you need to study its instruction in detail.

Solutions for procedures

Inhaling is the most effectivemethod in the fight with almost all diseases of the respiratory system. As a therapeutic solution, both ready-mixed compounds and preparations that require preparation before the procedure can be used.

Medicines are selected based onavailable disease. For example, for liquefaction of mucus and better sputum for coughing, alkaline inhalations are suitable. If it is necessary to get rid of the common cold, procedures using various natural oils (fir, mint, eucalyptus) are recommended. Among ready-made preparations for inhalations, "Lazolvan", "Kromogeksal", "Ambrobene" and other agents

Children's devices

Most questions arise when buyingnebulizer at parents, after all the device at inclusion can frighten the child. How to solve this problem, which inhaler is best? Comments from mothers who used the device to treat small children, contained very useful information, namely:

  • The first inclusion of the inhaler and the procedure should be performed in a playful form, along with the mother or father;
  • it is better to choose a noiseless, high-quality apparatus;
  • it is recommended to give preference to small inhalers.

Today many manufacturers release children's nebulizers in the form of amusing little animals or favorite cartoon characters.

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They really like kids, distract them from the process, so the therapy takes place in a cheerful relaxed atmosphere.

What is the best way to buy an inhaler? Feedback and recommendations

Choosing a nebulizer is not an easy task, to solvewhich should be approached with all responsibility. Particular attention should be paid to the manufacturer. The most popular companies that produce inhalers are:

  • Little Doctor;
  • B. Well;
  • Omron;
  • Microlife.

There are many manufacturers, but which inhaler is best? Feedback from consumers who used these nebulizers, allow us to conclude that the opinions of people are divided. It is understandable, because, as they say, the taste and color of a friend is not. But still…

Omron and B inhalers. Well are of high quality, have a wide range of used drugs and have good efficacy in the treatment of respiratory diseases. However, these devices have a high cost, which slightly reduces the demand for them from consumers.

Inhalers of Little Doctor and Microlife haveaffordable prices and presented in a huge range. These devices are excellent for home use, and also have certificates of international quality. Nebulizers of these companies have proven themselves from the best side and have gained immense popularity among consumers of many countries.

The choice is yours!

Certainly, each device has its own meritsand shortcomings. The steam inhaler is mainly used to treat rhinitis and upper respiratory tract diseases. Compression and membrane have a higher cost, but differ in their versatility and compactness. Pay special attention to the concentration of the substance and the exact spraying - the properties that the ultrasonic inhaler has.

Which is better? Everything depends on the specific disease and the range of application of the device. The leading places for quality, properties and efficiency are occupied by membrane and compression inhalers. It is desirable that the kit includes special attachments for children and adults. It is better if they are made of silicone material, without a sharp odor.

Also an important criterion when choosing a nebulizeris the presence of two or three modes, with which you can control the size of the produced particles. And if you buy an inhaler for a child, then pay attention to the children's models made in the form of funny animals. Then the kid will gladly agree to the procedure.

In choosing a company, it is better to give preference tomanufacturers of nebulizers. Although their products are of high cost, they will serve for many years, eliminating serious ailments. After all, the most valuable thing we have is health, but it's not worth saving!