Prostatitis, folk remedies

Inflammation of the prostate occurs in the background of a sedentarylifestyle. The man complains of pain and fatigue, lack of appetite. There is a subfebrile temperature, signs of sexual dysfunction. The prostate gland is a round organ, surrounding the urethra - the channel of the urethra. Prostate is responsible for the development of a secret that ensures the vital activity of spermatozoa. Inflammatory process in the tissues of the prostate gland since ancient times was treated with folk methods.

Prostatitis, folk remedies based on onions

When exacerbation of prostatitis is recommendedrub in a blender 2 onions. Boil 0.6 liters of clean water and pour the resulting gruel. Infuse in the thermos for 2 hours. The order of reception: to drink every hour of strictly 50 g of funds.

Rinse the onion in a blender to make it 300 g. Prepare a vessel for medicinal means, a bottle will do. Mix the recipe obtained onion gruel and 100 grams of honey. Dry the natural wine in an amount of 600 g to pour the mixture. The onion-based remedy ripens in a dark place. Wait for 7 days. It is recommended to shake the bottle from time to time. Procedure: 3 tablespoons three times a day. Drink before eating. It is recommended for the treatment of chronic form of prostatitis.

Folk remedy for horseradish-based prostatitis

Horseradish through a blender, meat grinder orgrate it. At the output you need to collect 8 spoons of fried horseradish. Prepare the walnut leaves by chopping them. You need to get 2 tablespoons of green walnut mass. Add inflorescences of basil, the very top, 2 table. spoons. All put together in one large jar with a lid and pour natural red dry wine (1 liter). The mixture with wine costs exactly 24 hours, several times during this time it is shaken up, after which it is put on fire. The contents of the pot should be boiled, then reduce the heat on the stove to a minimum flame size. To sustain under a cover on a small flame of 10 minutes. Remove, wait until it cools down, drain. The procedure for taking an acute form of prostatitis: 50 grams strictly every hour. Chronic illness is treated by taking 100 grams of funds daily for three times. Drink before eating.

Prostatitis, folk remedies based on propolis

Spirituous tincture of propolis can be bought inpharmacies. Procedure: every day 3 times before meals, measure from 30 to 40 drops of propolis tincture in half a glass of milk to drink. Instead of milk, you can take clean water. It is recommended to conduct parallel treatment, chewing, if possible, longer, 3-5 g of propolis in pure form 3 times a day, at the end of swallowing.

Candles with propolis effectively treat prostatitis. Folk remedies in the form of candles are prepared from quality raw materials. First you need to crush 50 g of propolis and pour it into 50 g of undiluted alcohol. Tincture ripens 10 days, every day it should be shaken diligently. The resulting liquid is filtered, added as much water and sent to a water bath. Stretching is so much that the mass has become brown and sticky to the touch. The technique of preparation of candles: mix 20 g of melted cocoa butter and 1 g of homemade propolis extract, divided into 10 parts. Each part in the cooled form will be a candle containing 0.1 g of pure propolis plus 2 g of natural cocoa butter. Treatment consists of several courses for 30 days with a break for one or two months.

Prostatitis, folk remedies with propolis in the form of microclysters

It is possible to inject melted in vegetablePropolis oil is anal at night. In advance, you need to take care of the catheter, so as to introduce a medicine with it, because you should ensure that the propolis gets into the bowel to a depth of about 8 cm.

But the recipe is very simple: 40 g of propolis crumble or cut finely, pour into 200 g of oil. Ideally, to cure the prostatitis, take olive or almond oil. Put in a water bath. When the propolis has melted, a warm mixture of about 5 g is collected and injected through the catheter into the anus at 8 cm. The course is 30 days, repeated in a month.