Ear drops

Who among us in my childhood did not ignore the request of my motherput a hat on your head, go out into the yard, but it seemed that we looked badly in it, we could ruin our hair, and as a result we received shooting in the ears or a more common illness - otitis.

And then you had to buy at the pharmacy drops forears, which the parents after a long persuasion burying us, forcing then pull to the eyes of a thick knitted hat. And we suffered from pain and dreamed of escaping to the street,

Let's try to figure out what otitis is and what you need to do with it, than to treat the ear, because the pain is sometimes just intolerable.

Otitis is an inflammatory process that appears in the middle ear. Usually it is a consequence of a cold, but sometimes it appears on its own.

When you feel severe pain, you mustconsult an otolaryngologist who will carry out the necessary examination and prescribe appropriate treatment, especially if the inflammation in the ear is accompanied by a runny nose.

As a rule, experts appoint at otitisdrops for the ears, the effective effect of which is due to the presence in their composition of anesthetic and anti-inflammatory components. They are injected with a boiled pipet, previously placing the vial into warm water. The temperature of the medication when instilled should reach 37 degrees Celsius, otherwise irritation of the membranes of the brain or inner ear, manifested in the form of convulsions and dizziness, may begin.

The patient is laid on his side, pulled off the sinkto straighten the auditory canal, with adults up and back, and in young children - down, and instilled drops into the ear canal for ears. After that, as if massaging the ear with a cotton ball for about five or ten minutes, then tilt the head in the opposite direction, so that the remnants of the medicine glass, dry the cavity and insert a cotton ball.

In pharmacies are already sold ready-made drops for the ears,such as "Otium", "Otipaks", "Sofradex", "Albucid", and solutions of "Etonia", "Rivanola", "Polymyxin", "Rizorcin" help not bad. As a result of their use, the mucous membrane is cleared of inflammation and pus, the secretion is diluted.

Treatment is carried out for at least seven days, the only way to avoid complications, relapse and prevent the transition of the disease into a chronic form.

If drops from otitis for some reason in thisthe moment is not available, then you can take advantage of the methods offered by traditional medicine, for example, warming compresses that not only soothe the pain, but also improve blood circulation. To do this, moisten gauze with vodka or a solution of honey in vodka, put it on the ear, cover with a plastic wrap, and put cotton wool on top and bandage with a woolen shawl. However, such treatment is contraindicated in purulent otitis.

The very first help at home, whenthere are no special medicines at hand, there may be alcohol tincture from peppermint or marigold flowers, a three-percent solution of boric acid made for alcohol, or a conventional warmed vegetable oil.

Not bad helps with acute pain in the ear andan ordinary onion, the juice of which is mixed with vodka and inserted with the help of cotton wool in the ear, as well as almond oil, which is digested with fresh honey.

Drops for the ears, which are not only instantlyrelieve pain, but also treat, you can prepare yourself. Their recipe was used by more than one generation of our ancestors. They are prepared very simply: a tablespoon of rock salt dissolves in one liter of water, mix thoroughly. Then the resulting brine is combined with pre-mixed ammonia and camphor oil. You can store this medicine for about a year.

Remember that all drops that are buried in the ear must be agreed with the doctor, in order to avoid undesirable consequences.