How to get rid of gases

A flatulence can be the result of manydiseases. Therefore, in case of increased gas formation against a backdrop of unpleasant or painful sensations, it is better to undergo a survey. It happens that bloating regularly makes itself felt, and the body, in general, remains healthy. This is a signal that you need to review your diet.

How to get rid of gas by studying nutritional supplements

Carefully study the composition of products atlabels to exclude food additives from food - E. Almost all countries continue research on the effect of chemical components of nutrition on the human body. It is unambiguous that abdominal distention can be triggered by one of the food additives, as an individual side reaction from the digestive system. What kind of class of chemical ingredients has become a factor of flatulence, often need to be investigated independently. Within a few days, you can determine this by exclusion. It is enough to be aware of what the first digit of the code means. The letter E means a food supplement.

Going after E number 1 means - dyes.

- figure 2 - preservatives.

- figure 3 - antioxidants.

-Chapter 4 - stabilizers.

-Chapter 5 - emulsifiers.

- figure 6 - flavor enhancers.

Having determined the provoker of flatulence, it remains to abandon its use.

How to get rid of gases by sharing incompatible products

The products are said to not be combined ifcomponents of one ingredient interfere with the body's ability to absorb the substances of another. This is how the reaction of fermentation, putrefaction, as a result - gas formation takes place in the intestine. Thus, you can not eat pasta with meat, potatoes with mushrooms, milk with cucumbers. For many people, the processes of fermentation begin after a salted main course was eaten at dinner, and sweets were taken for dessert. To avoid flatulence, food intake should not be terminated with acidic fruits, such as citrus fruits. Many nutritionists agree that it is better to eat fruit separately. The digestibility of minerals will increase, and side effects from acid reactions are less.

How to get rid of gases by giving up some products

The process of digesting some individualproducts in many healthy people causes flatulence. Often it is a very useful and necessary in nutrition substances. It is necessary to exclude them before going out to a public place and taking into account the peculiarities of their organism. Legumes, due to the increased content of coarse fiber, are processed in the intestines with the release of gases. Cabbage of all varieties, and especially broccoli, can spoil a gala dinner. Carbonated drinks require some responsibility before they are consumed. Pears, raisins, bananas and apples are considered heavy fruits. Milk and food from it, many people, especially the elderly, cause a noticeable bloating.

How to get rid of gas by eating diet products

Nutrition, aimed at eliminating chronicbloating begins with the rejection of fatty meat. Many people need to spend a month on a protein-based diet to cope with the problem. Preference to give chicken, turkey, fish. Nutritionists focus on carrots. Drink up to 1.5 liters of liquid, you can drink coffee, tea, juice. The main thing is not to spoil the healing effect of soda. From groats for a diet, rice, which is digested easier than other cereals, is suitable. The cooking technique matters. Raw vegetables are more difficult to internal processing and are digested with the release of gases.

How to get rid of gases in the intestines with the help of dill

The medicine can be bought at the pharmacy orcook at home. Seeds of dill chopped in a blender or coffee grinder. Pour into a thermos 1 tablespoon of ground dill, pour boiling water (1.5 cups). Infusion ripens in a thermos a couple of hours, after which it can be filtered. The order of reception: polstakana three times a day. It is recommended to drink dill vodichku long before meals (1, and even 2 hours).

How to get rid of gas in the stomach with parsley

If there are no contraindications to the use of parsley, then you can put a lot of green leaves in the food for everyone except pregnant women. After all, parsley has an abortive effect.

To enhance the healing properties of parsley against flatulence, an infusion of the root is prepared.