"Elidel Cream"

"Elidel Cream" is a drug that is used fortreatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema). The main active substance of the drug is pimecrolimus. The preparation contains auxiliary components: oleyl alcohol, triglycerides, propylene glycol, cetyl, benzyl and stearyl alcohol, sodium cetostere sulfate, citric acid, purified water, sodium hydroxide.

"Elidel Cream" has a complex pharmacologicalan action that determines its active substance - pimecrolimus. It is a derivative of ascomycin, which belongs to the group of macrolactams. Pimecrolimus has anti-inflammatory properties that are distributed by its inhibitory properties. It has a direct effect on cytokines and T-lymphocytes.

Laboratory studies confirm a highanti-inflammatory ability of this drug at the local and general level. When using the drug, there is no skin atrophy, which is a side effect when using hormone-like drugs. The low penetrating power of pimecrolimus determines its high selectivity, which allows it to work on certain areas of the skin and avoid undesirable side effects. Therefore, "Elidel" cream almost does not cause immune reactions and it is possible to use the drug in early childhood.

The main indication for the application of this creamis atopic dermatitis. Undoubted advantage is the possibility of prolonged use in children (from three months), adolescence and adulthood without the risk of serious systemic complications. The only contraindication this drug possesses is hypersensitivity to the components.

"Elidel Cream" is most effective at firstmanifestations of the disease, so its use should begin before the onset of sharp exacerbations. For effective therapeutic action, the preparation should be applied to the skin twice a day. The drug can be used for chronic forms of diseases, as well as when the first signs of exacerbation occur.

The use of this drug can sometimescause local reactions of a transient nature, which manifest themselves as a burning sensation or heat. In very rare cases, suppuration, attachment of herpetic infection, molluscum contagiosum is observed. It is not ruled out the appearance of rash, pain, parasthesia, peeling, dryness, swelling. When the first signs of such effects appear, you should cancel the cream "Elidel".

Instruction to the drug does not prohibit ituse during pregnancy and lactation. The drug has minimal systemic effects, but during feeding it is undesirable to apply it on the area of ​​the mammary glands.

When the skin is affected by viralinfections, the use of the drug is contraindicated. In this case, it is necessary to clarify the nature of the pathological focus, prescribe the appropriate treatment and only after full recovery is possible further use of the cream "Elidel".

Low ability to systemic actionand low ability of the drug to interact with other agents. Therefore, its use can be combined with drugs of all known pharmacological groups.

Currently, the cream "Elidel" forchildren. Reviews about this drug are good, as it has increased effectiveness due to specific aids that significantly reduce the signs of the disease and the time of recovery.

Storage of this product does not require specialconditions, however, after the opening of the package, it is mandatory to use the medicinal product for one year, since in the future it loses its therapeutic effect.