Kvachkov Vladimir: biography and interesting facts

Kvachkov Vladimir Vasilievich (photo is in thisarticle) - Colonel General of the GRU of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. At the moment he is retired. His military career began back in Soviet times and continued into Russian. Accused of the attempt on Chubais, but was acquitted. Kvachkov is the organizer of the military mutiny.

A family

August 5, 1948 in the Primorsky Territory, Khasanskydistrict, in the village of Kraskino, was born Kvachkov Vladimir. His family is small - only his parents. There are no sisters and brothers. His family had to move often, since his father would be a military man. Therefore, Vladimir Vasilievich spent his childhood in Ussuriysk. There his father was serving. Now Kvachkov's mother lives in the village of Nakhabino, in the Moscow region, Krasnogorsk district.


Kvachkov Vladimir graduated from high school andHe continued his studies at the Far Eastern Suvorov School, which he graduated with a gold medal. Then he went to the Kiev university (combined arms command school) to the reconnaissance faculty (he graduated with a gold medal). In 1978-1981 years. was a student of the Frunze Military Academy, which he also graduated with honors. Received the title of candidate of military sciences.

kvachkov vladimir

Military career

Vladimir Vasilievich began his service in 1969 in thePskov. He was appointed to the second brigade of special purpose GRU. Since 1981, he served in the Leningrad Military District, in the intelligence department. Then - in Germany and the Trans-Baikal region.

Vladimir Kvachkov - a participant in the war in Afghanistan,Tajikistan and Azerbaijan. From 1986 to 1989 was in the post of commander of the brigade in Germany. And since 1989 - commander of the 15th separate brigade of special purpose GRU in Turkestan district. Then this military unit was transferred to the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan. A riot was brewing in the brigade, as many people disagreed with this decision. But Vladimir Vasilievich was able to reason with his subordinates.

The most famous operation, in the development of whichKvachkov participated as the commander of the 15th Brigade, "Garmsky Landing". Since 1994, Vladimir Vasilievich served in the Main Intelligence Directorate. And since 1999 he became a research fellow at the Center for Military Strategic Studies of the General Staff. He took part in the working group of Russia and Belarus on the unification of the law in the field of defense.

kvachkov vladimir vasilevich

Political activity

Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov believesa Russian, a Christian nationalist. He is a supporter of the Orthodox state. In 2005, Vladimir Vasilyevich ran for State Duma deputies in the 199th electoral district of Moscow. But Kvachkov bypassed Sergei Shavrin. As a result, Vladimir Vasilyevich after the elections was only in second place.

He tried again to run for parliament2009, to the Moscow City Duma on the sixth constituency of the capital. But he was refused registration. From 2005 to 2010 Vladimir Vasilievich often appeared in the media, at pickets and rallies with political statements of right-wing extremism. Together with like-minded people (M. Kalashnikov and Y. Yekishev) created "Para Bellum" (social movement). In 2009 - an unregistered political organization named after Minin and Pozharsky "People's Militia".

Attempt on Chubais

In March 2005 Colonel GRU Vladimir Kvachkov was accused of attempted assassination of A. Chubais and was sent to the isolator "Matrosskaya Tishina". In June 2008, the Moscow Regional Court, Vladimir Vasilievich was acquitted. The jury decided that there was no evidence of Kvachkov's guilt. In addition to him, his supporters - A. Naidenov, R. Yashin and some military airborne troops - were justified.

Colonel Vladimir Kwachkov

The day after the acquittalKvachkov spoke on the radio "Echo of Moscow". He directly called Chubais a national traitor. And he declared that Russia was occupied by Jews, and this is the basis of criminal groups. As a result, the Prosecutor General's Office of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation sent a request to verify Kvachkov's statements, since in his words there were clearly manifestations of extremism, and at the same time to review the case of the attempt.

In August, the petition of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia wassatisfied, the case of Vladimir Vasilievich went to a new examination. In October, the Moscow Regional Court held hearings. In August 2010, the jury confirmed its opinion that Kvachkov was not involved in the attempt on Chubais. In December, the Supreme Court of Russia upheld the acquittal without changes.

In August 2012 The Moscow Tverskoi court recovered 450,000 rubles from the Ministry of Finance. in favor of Vladimir Vasilievich, who claimed compensation for moral damage (the case of an attempt on Chubais) 50 million rubles.

Preparation for the military mutiny "Carpet track"

Despite the fact that Kvachkov calls actionsagainst himself from the authorities by repressions, there are grounds for his accusations. As established by the investigation, the retired colonel was engaged in organizing a full-scale military mutiny.

Sitting in his Moscow apartment, KvachkovVladimir planned to capture the cities of Ivanovo and Vladimir, block all roads leading to Moscow, and on behalf of the people to put forward a demand for a Kremlin change of power, which he allegedly considered corrupt and insolvent.

Colonel Gru vladimir Kwachkov

The first to arrive under the city militaryunder the guise of fishermen and hunters, to break up three camps. Within a few days, other military groups had to join them, also getting unnoticed, under the camouflage of tourists. They were to deliver dry rations, tents, sappers' blades and military Primus stoves to the camps.

Collection in temporary camps was scheduled from 20 to 24July 2010. And from 24 to 25 the rebels had to capture the above-mentioned cities. First, the Kovrov Tank Division (training), warehouses with a rocket and artillery arsenal. Then on armored vehicles to proceed first to Vladimir, and then to Ivanovo. Initially, Colonel Vladimir Kvachkov planned to seize the police and FSB buildings, then - all the military units. Report on "comprador power" was expected through the media.

The failure of the insurrection

In one of his apartments Kvachkov installeddevice for creating radio interference, to exclude wiretapping. He was sure that after the accusation of the attempt on Chubais is under the close attention of the authorities. Therefore, the preparation for the insurgency was very cautious.

Colonel Gro, retired vladimir kwachkov

In this apartment there were meetings withleaders of the "People's Militia" groups (shortly NOMP) and commanders of military groups. He collected data on how many people would stand under his gun, issued instructions.

After the meetings Kvachkov contributed to his computercallsign of commanders. Issued them a new SIM for cellular, for the transfer of orders during the designated operation. Those who were supposed to be responsible for transport received mobile phones themselves. After the disclosure of the planned rebellion in the apartment Kvachkov was searched. In his computer were found prepared plans, maps and about 30 callsigning commanders, whose military groups consisted of 15-25 militiamen.

Special services learned about the insurrection and decidedcapture imaginary fishermen and hunters as early as the beginning of the operation, before the approach of the main forces with weapons. As a result, the soldiers of "Alpha" in the early morning took all the fake fishermen and false hunters. Thus, the operation "Carpet track" ended without even beginning.

Kvachkov also had a top-secret plan "B" prepared for the case of the failure of the first. But the special services arrested him, placing him in Lefortovo prison.

colonel kvachkov vladimir vasilevich

The second criminal case

As a result, after December 22, 2010 The Supreme Court rendered an acquittal in the case of Chubais, the next day Kvachkov Vladimir was again arrested. This time for organizing a military mutiny. Vladimir Vasilievich was detained by FSB officers and escorted to the Lefortovo court.

According to Kvachkov himself, hewas not involved, and the accusation was based only on the testimony of Peter Galkin, leader of one of the branches of the "People's Militia". And he, in turn, informed the FSB about the creation of combat detachments to overthrow the authorities in the Kremlin. Kvachkov urged the court that Galkin and his friends just went to forest temporary camps to practice shooting.

Nevertheless, Kvachkov's fault was completelyand on 8 February 2013 the Moscow City Court sentenced him to 13 years in prison with a term of imprisonment in a strict regime colony. Also, many of his associates suffered deserved punishment. In the summer of the same year, the Supreme Court lowered Kvachkov's sentence to eight years. But in 2014, he violated the rules of detention in isolation, trying to talk on the mobile, and the punishment was again increased by 9 months. In 2015, Vladimir Vasilievich had the opportunity to apply for an UDO. But because of repeated violations of the regime, on the contrary, he toughened his detention in prison.

Double life

Two years, which Kvachkov Vladimir walked onfreedom (between imprisonment in prison), he traveled a lot around the country, creating groups of NOMP. This he managed to do in 40-odd Russian regions. Vladimir Vasilyevich started a guerrilla war against the government and believed that he was acting in the rear. I had to lead a double life of the underground.

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He remembers hundreds of passwords and callsigns, ready forsignal to begin an uprising and leave to the agreed place of operation. Kvachkov even made up for himself federal registers, in which there are people who "harmed the security and independence of Russia" and officers who refused to comply with the "orders of the new government" (and therefore traitors to the motherland).

Personal life

Kvachkov Vladimir Vasilyevich married to NadezhdaMikhailovna. They had four children - two daughters and two sons. Alexander was born in June 1975 in the GDR. Since 2005, he was wanted. Kirill (the youngest son) graduated from the school in 2005 and entered the university.

Anna - the eldest daughter, became a candidate of science. She married and gave birth to Ivan's son and daughter Maria. Elena, the youngest daughter of Vladimir Vasilievich, a disabled group I (cerebral palsy). Nevertheless, he studies at the Moscow Humanitarian and Economic University (Faculty of Psychology and Sociology).


Colonel GRU (retired), Vladimir Kvachkov, received 15 military awards. He was awarded two Orders of Courage and one Red Star.