The cheapest cars in the world in 2013

The phrase "cheap machine" in itselfsounds somewhat strange. Everyone knows that a car is a complicated high-tech device. And almost any Russian will prefer a foreign-made domestic car. It is because of the technical equipment. Let's try to figure out what they are - the cheapest cars.

cheapest cars
The recently-published American editionthe name "Forbes" published the world rating of the cheapest cars. Naturally, only foreign models were considered. Masterpieces of the Russian automotive industry, the Americans did not take into account. In our rating, domestic machines will take their proper place. So, where to look for the cheapest cars of 2013? Of course, in poor Asian countries. The first place is firmly established baby "Tata", released by the Indian automaker limited edition. The cost of the machine is only 2500 dollars. However, it can easily accommodate five people and accelerate to 100 km / h. Under the hood of "Tata" is a 33-strong motor, and, thanks to its dimensions, the car deftly maneuvers along the narrow streets of Indian cities.

The second place in the ranking is Chery QQ. It's no secret that the Chinese have long sought to produce the cheapest cars, copying well-known and more expensive Japanese and Korean models. Here and Chery QQ turned out almost an exact copy of Daewoo Matiz. In the Chinese market, the car costs about $ 4,800. However, for us, gentlemen of the Chinese raise the price almost twice.

 cheapest new car
The third place goes to the Japanese automobile manufacturer Suzuki, or rather to its Suzuki Maruti 800. The small car is offered for an acceptable price for the Japanese - $ 5000.

In fourth place is also located "Chinese". The supercompact hatchback Geele MR with fairly good technical and external data is estimated at $ 5,500.

Now we have reached the most interesting. At the fifth position of our rating is the cheapest new domestic car Lada Granta. Whatever the skeptics say about the imperfection of Russian cars, but Lada Granta with its value of 269 thousand rubles remains one of the most accessible to most segments of the population.

cheapest cars 2013
The sixth line in the list "The cheapestDaewoo Matiz. "In principle, to be more precise, Matiz in the basic configuration costs almost 40 thousand cheaper than the Grants, but the typical version is so meager that the car can be said to be absolutely" naked. "There is not even a wiper on the rear window , which is not entirely customary for a hatchback.If you take the cost in a normal, more or less customized to complete the ride, it's about 312 thousand.

After the Korean, the "Chinaman" again settled down. In principle, this is not surprising, given the target orientation of Chinese automakers on the availability of their cars. Chery A1 with a good basic equipment has a cost of 7400 dollars.

The ninth line of the rating went to our Oka. With the now Chinese engine, electric package and air conditioning, this miracle of engineering thought will cost about 7600 dollars.

And on the last position in the rating "The cheapestcars "is located one more our model, namely Lada 2113. The car is quite pleasant in all respects.As a matter of fact, this is the result of the painstaking work of the designers and engineers of VAZ over the popular once-model VAZ-2108. The updated" eight "costs about 8500 dollars.