Polyurethane silentblocks: reviews, specs, photos

In any car there is a largenumber of rubber components. These are various purpose bushes, O-rings, covers, carpets, mud flaps and, of course, silentblocks. The latter is understood as a product of two metal bushings, one of which is of smaller diameter and placed inside the other, connected to each other by means of rubber. Dimensions of silent blocks vary over a wide range.

Due to the fact that the rubber is fast enoughwears out and works poorly at negative temperatures, it is tried to replace it with a more stable and durable material, such as polyurethane. Polyurethane silentblocks, reviews of which do not have time to scatter over the Internet, will be the subject of this article. Consider the positive aspects of these products, their difference from rubber competitors, properties, varieties and methods of production.


For a more understandable comparison and understanding,designate an assignment. Silentblock as a rubber-metal bushing in the lever is the link between the suspension elements of the car. It depends on the flexibility, elasticity and reliability of the connections between the levers. When receiving a load, striking one of the connecting levers, the silentblock extinguishes it and transmits only a part of the oscillations.

polyurethane silentblock reviews

Useful properties of silent blocks cause their wide application in the car. They can be found:

  • in the front suspension;
  • in the rear suspension;
  • for fastening the power unit and gearbox;
  • in the steering mechanisms.

Attractive features of polyurethane

To make the products more understandablefrom polyurethane, we consider its properties. First and foremost, polyurethane is an artificially created synthetic elastomer. Depending on the modes of manufacturing technology and the regulated number of components included in the composition, several types of material can be obtained at the outlet. In this case, the strength of the simplest version is 4 times that of rubber. The material is not afraid of working in aggressive environments. Operating temperature ranges from -60 to +80 degrees Celsius.

Polyurethane silentblocks reviews have the mostpositive. Of course, there are enough negative ones, which are explained by some shortcomings of the material, explained below. Well and among advantages it is necessary to allocate:

  • high strength;
  • greater resistance to shock loads;
  • wide range of operating temperatures;
  • successful resistance to aggressive environments: oil, gasoline, acids, salt;
  • the ability to change their physico-chemical properties when the composition is changed.

rear silentblocks

Strength of polyurethane silentblocksis due not only to the fact that the material itself is durable, but also because the bond between the metal and polyurethane is also significant and superior to rubber. That's why there are practically no detachments among the bushings from this material. At low temperatures, polyurethane does not douche and significantly longer ages, when compared with rubber. Pros, as we see, a lot, but as for the shortcomings?

A little tar in a barrel of honey

Despite a lot of positive moments,polyurethane silentblocks have some drawbacks. The most important of them is the cost. The prices for such silentblocks are at least 2 times higher than the prices for rubber analogs. And the stronger the type of polyurethane, the greater this difference. For example, a silicone block from polyurethane to a foreign car can have a price of 2500 rubles., Whereas a native rubber analog will cost 500 rubles.

The second point, which reduces the number ofpeople who use such products are stiff. Suspension on polyurethane silentblocks is well suited for a sports car. For a simple car, the joy of riding can be significantly reduced due to the rigid grip of polyurethane. That's why for the engine cushions this material is used much less often.

It is also worth noting that polyurethanesilentblocks reviews in winter are worse because of the creak. And this moment actually takes place, as silicone blocks of polyurethane, unlike rubber ones, must always be lubricated during installation.

With all this, buying polyurethane products, inIt is imperative that you review the suppliers. The production process is not so complicated, and there are many enterprises involved in manufacturing the material. And, of course, the quality of different manufacturers can differ at times. And such an indicator as price, in this case a little helps. Polyurethane silentblocks, reviews of which are consistently good, are of the best quality.

Famous manufacturers

For a short period of time polyurethane silentblocks for VAZ, GAZ, UAZ and foreign cars won their market share. Among the companies-manufacturers it is necessary to allocate:

  • "Point of Support."
  • "Five-time resource."
  • OOO Polyurethane.

The company "Point of support" has only positivereviews and supplies polyurethane products since 2000. They manufacture silent blocks of levers, suspension brackets, bushings of shock absorbers, stabilizers and many others, such necessary to replace the product. Two other firms are younger, but no less ambitious. A large number of polyurethane products receive more and more feedback and various reviews.

Manufacture of polyurethane silentblocks

Popular products from polyurethane are soattract attention, which cause a desire to produce them independently. It would seem that it can be simpler: take the finished powder from the necessary components and, having sustained the desired temperature and pressure, get the desired elastomer. Having a shape, you can fill the polyurethane in the liquid phase and at the output you can get, for example, the rear silent blocks.

silentblocks of levers

In reality, everything is not so rosy. Without special equipment, quality products can not be obtained. But only the excellent quality and chic properties attract first of all. That's why famous manufacturers are not so many. Knowing the real feedback, it is easy enough to determine for yourself the right supplier.

Silicone blocks from polyurethane own hands

At once it is necessary to say that qualitativepolyurethane products can not be manufactured independently. In addition to specialized metalworking machines, it is necessary to have equipment and facilities for the production of polyurethane. An artisan method at home can only get the elastomer itself, but its quality can not be compared with industrial products.

The same rear silent blocks on the cars of anymanufacturer have hard set parameters. Not every industrial production can produce an article with the same characteristics. In addition, the smaller the batch of products, the higher the final cost.


Silentblock is a common element inconstruction of any car. Therefore, the use of polyurethane silentblocks is not limited to foreign cars, they are also used in domestic cars. Most of all, polyurethane products are valued in sports cars, because there is a need for a greater margin of safety, which does not give rubber. The sports pendants use the most solid polyurethane silentblocks, they get well-deserved reviews.

silent blocks of vases

The next category of cars in whichpolyurethane is well proven, are SUVs. The usual rubber here quickly wears out and does not fulfill the functions inherent in it. Silentblock levers, bush stabilizers - it all goes to cheers.

Domestic cars for usepolyurethane products are in the last place, and this place is determined precisely by feedback. After all, by the number of volumes sold, our motorists will give foreign cars a head start. Silent blocks VAZ uses in the same quantities. And many want to check the wear resistance of polyurethane on your car.

Reviews about polyurethane silentblocks on VAZ

The fleet of domestic cars includes bothpassenger and cargo-and-passenger, and off-road and cargo. At the same time, the biggest use of polyurethane was VAZ machines. Polyurethane silentblocks on the "Niva" work well in all weather conditions and extend the time until the next repair. VAZ-2121 is a popular inexpensive model for the roads of the hinterland and marching conditions. The investment in the polyurethane suspension, according to feedback, is justified.

Polyurethane silentblocks on VAZ-2107 alsohave such positive qualities, as durability, long operation and improved controllability. At the same time, Russian classics acquire extra rigidity, which can repel lovers of comfortable driving. After all, rubber as a softer material gives a feeling of softness and comfort, which is not enough for all on domestic vehicles.

Among the manufacturers of polyurethane for Russiancars stand out the brand "SS20 Sport". Polyurethane silent blocks (VAZ) have a bright red color for sports suspension and classic yellow for standard options. The increased rigidity of the "SS20 Sport" series guarantees maximum controllability and the largest margin for strength and durability.

Why polyurethane products in different colors?

Polyurethane silent blocks on VAZ-2107, GAZ, UAZ and even on foreign cars can have different colors. And if the yellow color has already become familiar, then red, blue and green can from the first time embarrass.

polyurethane silentblocks reviews vaz 2110

Polyurethane itself does not initially have a color. Dyes are added specifically to mark a particular composition. Therefore, to determine the properties you like, for example, a blue silentblock, you need to read the product description. Different manufacturers under the same color can produce goods with different physical and chemical properties.

Unified standards for polyurethane products, unfortunately, not yet. However, yellow polyurethane silentblocks, according to reviews, are considered the softest.

Reviews of the application of polyurethane on foreign cars

Many motorists after viewing the advertisement aboutpolyurethanes began to use polyurethane silentblocks in their machines. Reviews of the VAZ-2110 or Toyota did not make much of a difference. The general opinion - has become much tougher. And if you save and take a cheap polyurethane package, you can buy low-quality products.

polyurethane silentblocks reviews in winter

The most good reviews are written by the owners of sports cars, which operate transport on a flat road. In cases of unevenness, the opinions of car owners changed to the opposite.

Installation Thinness

In order for polyurethane silentblocks to work exactly as they should, it is necessary to follow a number of recommendations.

First of all, before installing the silentblockit is necessary to lubricate, for example, lithol. This will add a superficial elasticity and will reduce the so sarcastic all squeak. Especially it concerns the operation of products at negative temperatures.

The second point is the preliminary tighteningSuspension before the test drive to run-in. In quiet mode, polyurethane silentblocks on the "Niva", for example, take their places in fact and take a working form. And only after the break-in all bolts are tightened completely.

Rubber or polyurethane

A long argument about what's best: rubber or polyurethane in silent blocks, you can forget. There are pros and cons of each side. So, rubber attracts primarily by its softness and elasticity. At the same time, the material strongly dies in winter and has a short service life. Loses before polyurethane and in work in aggressive environments.

polyurethane silent blocks for vases

Polyurethane, according to reviews, is indispensable for sportsSuspension, where good handling and long service life are required. But already on roughness of road realities the polyurethane front silencer block will cause some inconvenience to the entire front suspension.


In summary, it should be noted thatPolyurethane silentblocks have high attractiveness and remarkable properties. With the right selection, which takes into account the operating conditions, and also with a competent installation, polyurethane analogues will last much longer than native rubber products.